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Blackfive TV- FM 3.0 Doctrine for Dummies

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 31, 2007

The above video was found at Blackfive, which has more on the New Field Manual.
You should read Matt’s blog every day.

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(LONG WAR JOURNAL)The State of Jihad: for 2007

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 31, 2007

The US and her allies in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond have witnessed both stunning successes and dramatic setbacks in the Long War during 2007. Pakistan has continued its slide towards a failed state, with the government having relinquished control over additional territory to the Taliban and, thus, al Qaeda. Suicide bombings and attacks on all segments of the state plagued Pakistan as the Taliban and al Qaeda cemented their new safe havens. Iraq, which seemed all but lost at the end of 2006 as the US appeared to lose the all-important political will, has turned around with the change in counterinsurgency plan and the surge of troops US and Iraqi troops. Al Qaeda and the Iranian-backed Shia terrorists are losing ground and local support in Iraq. Afghanistan has seen its worst year of violence since the Taliban was defeated in late 2001; suicide bombings and IED attacks skyrocketed due to the problems in Pakistan.

The war also continues in dozens of lesser theaters. India suffered numerous blows from Pakistani-based terrorists. Al Qaeda has revitalized itself in Algeria and greater northern Africa. A brutal insurgency is being waged in Somalia after the Islamic Courts was ousted at the end of 2006. The Philippines saw some progress against Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah in the southern provinces. Thailand’s Islamist insurgency ballooned in 2007. Al Qaeda is attempting to revive the jihad in Chechnya and the greater Caucasus. Saudi Arabia and Yemen continue to breed the next generation of al Qaeda fighters.

Read the rest of the report at The Long War Journal

Scott Osbourne has a helpful list of 7 Key Principles of this war in theological and ideological contexts.


This Fourth World War has had it’s ups and downs in the past year, and, although I believe we are winning, the outcome is still in doubt.

We are waging a twin war on the homefront as the anti-American war protesters will be gearing up to oppose our foreign policies, and give aid and comfort to the enemy with their actions. They will be opposed at every turn by brave Americans who have had enough, and by other Americans who will be moving into offensive 5GW actions designed to discredit and confuse the enemies of America. Stay Tuned.

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