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More Inconvenient Truth for Algore Warming Much Less Than Previously Thought

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 29, 2007

If a scientific paper appeared in a major journal saying that the planet has warmed twice as much as previously thought, that would be front-page news in every major paper around the planet. But what would happen if a paper was published demonstrating that the planet may have warmed up only half as much as previously thought?

Nothing. Earlier this month, Ross McKitrick from Canada’s University of Guelph and I published a manuscript in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres saying precisely that.

Scientists have known for years that temperature records can be contaminated by so-called “urban warming,” which results from the fact that long-term temperature histories tend to have originated at points of commerce. The bricks, buildings, and pavement of cities retain the heat of the day and impede the flow of ventilating winds.

For example, downtown Washington is warmer than nearby (and more rural) Dulles Airport. As government and services expand down the Dulles Access road, it, too, is beginning to warm compared to more rural sites to the west.

Adjusting data for this effect, or using only rural stations, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states with confidence that less than 10% of the observed warming in long-term climate histories is due to urbanization.

Source: The American Spectator
Hat Tip: Yidwithlid


I am firmly convinced the Global Warming Believers will not accept their religion has been disproved until the next Ice Age begins. They are almost as funny to watch as the 9/11 Twoofers.

Algore’s infamous “hockey stick graph” has been proven false, and a judge ruled in Britain that there were several errors (I say lies) in the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” and it could not be shown as truth, but as opinion.

I would love to debate Algore over his fantasy that humans are the cause of Catastrophic Anthropological Global Warming, too bad he won’t debate.

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