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Conservative Blogger Opens Dialogue With Ron Paul Supporters

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 20, 2007

Ron Paul fans, it’s your turn. (North Carolina voters only, please.) Katy’s Conservative Corner wants to know, why, if Ron Paul is running as a Republican, do his followers hate the GOP so much? Your blogger doesn’t get it. Why doesn’t he run in another party or as an Independent? Your candidate has the same chance as any other. He’s running in the same primary states and has the opportunity to buy media and generate so-called “earned” media as do the other candidates.

So, why all the beef with the GOP? What about the mainstream media? What about all the money he’s made with these “money bombs”?

Tell us also, are you new to the political process? If so, is it Paul’s candidacy who got you interested?

Source: Katy’s Conservative Corner


Good Luck, Katy.

I have found most Paul Supporters unwilling to engage in a real discussion, and refuse to acknowledge errors in their information, or cede points.

I am not the only one to question the sanity of the Pauleroids, another blogger has noted as follows:

As I’ve publicly said, I like Ron Paul’s strict Constitutionalism in terms of domestic policy and the small role of government. But I think his foreign policy ideas of imposing a 17th century mindset on our current high-tech, nuke-tipped and Jihad threatened world are not only naive and ignroant – but downright dangerous and stupid.
His own comments in the debate, his capitulation to Jihadists’ justifications with his “blowback” remarks and growing hostility in blaming America for causing 9-11 cement in concrete and steel for me that Ron Paul is completely UNFIT to be Commander In Chief.

What I keyed in on is his growing usage of calling anyone who disagrees with him, “neocons”. During the last few days, the commentary and debate I’ve had with Ron Paul People has only revealed that slur to be a secondary and motivating factor in wanting Paul for President outside of retreating from the war on Jihadists. The moment you disagree with them, the “neocon” slur gets fired over and over. They have “neocon” on the brain.

It’s amazing to discover that they hate “neocons” more than Jihadists, and some simply suggest there would be no Jihadists if it weren’t for “neocons” like me.

“Neocon” – short for neoConservative – or ‘not really a conservative’ – but a Jew, an Israeli or someone who supports Zionists” is apparently the common definition.

Lots of these Ron Paul People are anti-semites apparently – I’ve not heard such vile depricating bashing of Jews except when reading White Supremacist garbage, hearing Ahmedinejad speak or reading old Nazi propaganda.

They cleverly argue that they hate the “Israeli Lobby”, not Jews; that they hate Zionists – not Jews. What is the difference? Some Ron Paul People then try giving me a history lesson on Khazars and how they “hijacked” Judaism and such crap, subtly suggesting they are a “satanic people” and not really “Jews”.

Source: Sword At The Ready


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