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(VIDEO) Swearing in of New Asheville City Council

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

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Karl Rove on Sean Hannity

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

I just heard Karl Rove on the Sean Hannity Show, and thought to share the audio of the discussion between Sean and Karl.

This confirms my suspicion that the big boys would prefer the Hilda Beast as the opponent in the General Election in 2008. Great Minds think alike, since that is my opinion as well.

And here is the link in case the embed problem is still acting up from DiShare.

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Santa’s Chopper Shot Over Rio

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Not even Santa Claus is safe as the violent Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro celebrates the Christmas season.

Drug traffickers in a Rio slum opened fire on a helicopter carrying a Santa to a children’s party, apparently mistaking it for a police helicopter, police said Tuesday.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

Not even Santa is safe anymore, it’s a good thing we provide fighter cover.

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(VIDEO) Meanwhile, Fred Thompson was on Hannity & Colmes

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

While I am no longer serving on the local Fred Thompson Committee, I still like the guy, and would like to see him the White House in 2009. (I resigned over the flag flap.)

He was on Hannity and Colmes last night whilst I slept:

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(VIDEO) Ron Paul on Glenn Beck in 7 parts

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

I am embedding the interview here, and will be editing the videos down to a more manageable size for discussion.

I was glad to see Ron Paul finally agree to come on the TV Show, I wish he had the nads to come on the Radio Show and take calls from the audience. I have a few questions that would show him the error of his thinking on fighting World War IV, instead of running home like cowards.

Update…I found it on Google…so scratch the you tube crap!

Google Rocks! You Tube Sucks!
CNN Transcript is here.

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

part six

part seven

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Both Parties Continue a Pattern of Failed Promise by Carl Mumpower

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 19, 2007

Guest Commentary

Both Parties Continue a Pattern of Failed Promise

by Carl Mumpower

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The 2006 election offered a clear indictment of the policies of the President and Republican Congressional majority and their failure to provide effective leadership on core issues. Illegal immigration, deficit spending, health care issues, unfair trade practices and job impact, social security solvency, erosion of America’s educational standing, and other primary issues were sidestepped by those in control in deference to legislative trivia and the pursuit of pork. Even stalwart Republican voters came to feel they were voting beneath their dignity in supporting ‘Republicans in Name Only’ as the lesser of evils over liberal Democrats.

A year after this call for something different and better, little has changed. We are seeing a shift from the short-sighted ‘borrow and spend’ policies of the Republicans to the historical ‘tax and spend’ policies of the Democrats, but few would describe that as progress. Tough issues continue to be ignored in deference to the easy task of regulating the behavior of average Americans who already behave pretty well on their own. The new Democrat controlled Congress is just another restaurant’s version of a frozen french fry –it looks real, but still tastes like greasy paper and leaves most Americans with a queasy stomach.

We seem to have lost faith in our two primary parties. The Democrats, who seem to be in love with the concept of individual and community welfare, have been kidnapped by extremists that mock the traditions and values still held by a majority of Americans. The Republicans, who seem to be in love the concept of corporate and trade partner welfare, have been kidnapped by those who say one thing and do another. Principle, which has more to do with standing for something than being perfect, has seemingly been abandoned in the rush to pander and indulge special interests.
Solutions will not come by careening from one ditch to another as is sometimes the tendency of a frustrated electorate. Instead, each of us as Americans must get serious about holding our elected officials to their promises and separating the pretty, smooth, and seductive leaders from those struggling with real principles and real issues. Nature sends a daily message that God’s world is a tough world, and that we get no better from that world that we are willing to earn. Politics are certainly no exception.
It’s a continued personal belief that the Republican party’s principles offer the closest match to the values of the average American. I also believe those principles best support the historical American Success Equation of liberty, opportunity, and responsibility that grounded our tremendous history and holds the key to our future. The Republican party of principle is grounded in the works of men like Lincoln and Roosevelt “men who struggled with the often contradictory influences of principles versus power and politics“ and more often than not, unlike most of today’s leaders, won that internal struggle. We can see both clouds of darkness and sunrays of hope when we look toward America’s future. Political parties that are corrupted by extremist views or an absence of principle will not take us toward the light. Building something good has never been that easy. Carl Mumpower is currently a member of the Asheville City Council and a candidate for the NC-11 Congressional seat. Website: Mumpower 08

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