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West Carolina Report and WW4 update for Dec 12

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 12, 2007

I have updated West Carolina Report for today, and have included the World War IV Report in this post to give you a flavor of what I doing over there.

updates 11.38am

|CENTER FOR VIGILANT FREEDOM| Suggested Corrections for Charles Johnson

|NATIONAL TERROR ALERT| Jury Deliberates in Miami Liberty City Seven Terrorism Case

|THREATS WATCH| RapidRecon: Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Dispersed, Not Halted

At least three attacks on Pakistani nuclear weapons complexes have occurred since August 2007. Attacks on other Pakistani bases in conjunction with the Taliban takeover of the Northwest Frontier Province may be part of coordinated campaign to compromise Pakistan’s nuclear stockpiles.

|LONG WAR JOURNAL| Al Qaeda, Taliban targeting Pakistani nuclear sites

|GATEWAY PUNDIT| BEATDOWN IN HAVANA!!… Castro Thugs Bash Democracy Protesters

Americans are only beginning to realize what they’re up against, Inbal Nachum of the [Israeli] Home Front Command says forebodingly. “Americans don’t understand — you don’t understand — what it is like… [when terrorism] just is … just is the reality.

“They say the difference is that in America talk is about preventing terrorism; here in Sderot talk is about how to maintain sanity and group strength in the face of it. …

When — or perhaps if — terrorism strikes American soil again, America should do more than retaliate, they should also build up a community capable of bouncing back time and again.

Americans don’t ‘get’ terrorism,
by Amar C. Bakshi,,
7 December 2007.

|DNI| Sign up for 4GW

|LONG WAR JOURNAL| Al Qaeda hits UN offices, courts, police station in Algiers

|CENTER FOR VIGILANT FREEDOM| Man Strangles Daughter To Death. Why?

According to the former agent, waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah got him to talk in less than 35 seconds. The technique, which critics say is torture, probably disrupted “dozens” of planned al-Qaida attacks, said John Kiriakou, a leader of the team that captured Zubaydah, a major al-Qaida figure.

35 seconds? That sounds good enough .
Think of all the thugs you could crack in an hour?

|GATEWAY PUNDIT| Waterboarding Saves!… And Saves On Time

|MAVERICK NEWS NETWORK| “Islamophobia” Assault on Free Speech Continues

|KAVKAZ CENTER| Amir of the Caucasus Emirate abolishes the Cabinet of Ministers, the Parliament of the former C.R.I.

|KAVKAZ CENTER| Save Darfur is a PR scam to justify the next US oil and resource wars in Africa

According to the articles, sixteen-year-old Aqsa Parvez was choked to death. Police have arrested Muhammad Parvez, the girl’s father, for her murder (the degree of the charge not yet determined) and her brother for obstructing the investigation.


As the Pakistani military continues the slow push to regain control of the settled district of Swat, suicide bombers struck in two locations, one at a sensitive weapons facility near Islamabad. The most deadly attack occurred in Swat in the Northwest Frontier Province after a suicide bomber hit a police checkpoint near Matta, where the Pakistani Army just established a presence. Ten were killed, including two children and three police.

But the attack at a Pakistani Air Force base in Kamra, while only injuring seven, has far more serious implications. The Kamra complex is a likely location for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. The suicide bomber targeted a bus filled with 35 children of Pakistani Air Force officers. The driver, a conductor, and five children were wounded in the strike.

|LONG WAR JOURNAL| Suicide attack at Pakistani nuclear weapons complex

|MULTINATIONAL FORCES-IRAQ| Giving the Gift of Raw for Christmas: Wrestling Superstars Visit Troops

|GATEWAY PUNDIT| Iran Arrests 20 Student Leaders Behind Sunday’s Protest

|BBC| Blast kills Lebanon army general

|GLOBAL GUERRILLAS| Neofeudalization

|SMALL WARS COUNCIL| China Signs US$2 Billion Oil Dev Deal with Iran

|MAVERICK NEWS NETWORK| “Islamophobia” Assault on Free Speech Continues

|STATELINE| Iraq casts shadow on 2008 state races

|BBC| Somali pirates free Japan tanker

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