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NIE–Attempted Coup Against USA?

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 12, 2007

The evidence continues to mount that this NIE was a work of fiction. Critics from across the political spectrum have voiced skepticism about its conclusions and its methodology; European allies doubt its accuracy, the International Atomic Energy Agency (which normally “sides” with Iran) has raised serious objections. The only parties that seem to trumpet the NIE report are Iran, Russia, and China-our foes.

Source: Atlas Shrugs

Be sure you read the thing, and follow the links. I think it is high time we started lining people up and shooting them for their treason, or at least let the appropriate people do some wet work behind the scenes with garrotes.

3 Responses to “NIE–Attempted Coup Against USA?”

  1. Alex said

    And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher’s arguments against the peace process ( )?

  2. Thunder Pig said

    A very cogent explanation.

    I would not shed a tear if the UN were nuked, and I do hope Israel really has a Samson Option for nuking all the Arab Capitals, as well as the capitals of the Euro-wheenies who have opposed Israel at every opportunity, and I hope that the Mossad will track down, and garrote many of the politicians who assisted, no matter their party or office.
    And if asked, I would help in whatever capacity I could.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I should say that if Israel is betrayed, and allowed to be attacked again by their enemies.

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