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John Batchelor Show Update

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 11, 2007

I keep getting hits from Search Engines where people are looking to see what is up with the John Batchelor Show, so I will do an update to make your search easier. (And perhaps get around to putting him back on my sidebar of radio shows…I STILL have Drudge listed, and he has been off the air for a couple of months!)

He is currently on the radio on Sunday nights, from 7pm to 10pm on WABC-770AM out of New York City. [WABC Streaming Page]

The tightwads don’t have a podcast service so those of us who live in dial-up land can download the show to listen later.

After that show, he is on KFI-640AM out of Los Angeles from 7pm to 10pm Western Time (10pm to 1am for Rio Lindans in the Eastern Time Zone).

Here is the link to the December 9th Show podcast.

His page at KFI is here, with links to podcasts dating back to 11-04-2007 (Look on the Sunday Page). If you find this post after they have been taken down, I will be glad to post my copies at DivShare for you to download at your leisure. If you have any before that time, I’d appreciate a similar arrangement for me to get my hands on them, especially if they are of his show before he got the can from WABC. (Which I recorded off XM Radio when I was too sleepy to listen to the whole show, which I should have been doing for them all!)

The John Batchelor Show is one of the best radio shows out there, and the guy has impeccable taste in bumper music.

I hope he gets on one of the Satellite Radio Channels, so I can listen live, after all, his show is the reason I purchased my XM Radio when I returned to western North Carolina from Virginia in 2003. I would even get a Sirius Radio if he was only on that service. (XM, are you listening?)

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