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West Carolina Report 3.1

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 7, 2007

I have upgraded West Carolina Report with the addition of story snippets, and I am testing the use of Google Reader’s “Share” feature that allows users to publish things they find interesting to a public page, and I have embedded a widget that will allow readers access to that page.

The big improvement, for me, is that I don’t have to copy and paste so many times to bring attention to news stories or blog entries as I find them…I just click the share button to include it on the public page.

I am also putting the final touches on the code that will allow independent reporters to contribute content to West Carolina Report without having to go through me. I am looking for local or state oriented features, but will consider material for the National and World War IV pages, or other pages that will be established in the future.

And I have secured the means to go live at any time with videocasting, and may be simulcasting several shows on that website in the near future of a local and regional flavor.

The future for conservative and classical libertarians is looking very bright for western North Carolina, and the WCR News Network will be broadcasting the Revolution Live!

I am very excited, and have been working toward this moment for two and a half years, and can see everything coming together in the next twelve months.

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