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Mitt Romney Speech Live on Thunder Pig Speech Begins at 10:30AM Courtesy UStream (now updated with audio embedded)

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 6, 2007

**update**12.55pm scroll down to the bottom to watch the recorded speech as broadcast.

Thanks to Patrick Ruffini, this will be one of the blogs carrying the Romney speech on his faith today at 10:30 AM!

So, set your alarm, and come back and watch the speech.

I will be recording the audio, and will have it available shortly after the speech is finished so those of you who missed it can at least listen to it here, or download it to listen later. I will embed it in this post so bookmark it for easy locating later.

**update** 10.58am the speech is over, and I am editing the audio.

At first blush…I think he hit it out of the ballpark. He said what he needed to say, and was very Presidential in his delivery.

**update#2** 11.15am okay, I have edited the audio and encoded it as an MP3.
You can stream it here or download it for later. The file is approx. 22m 52s long, and 20.9MB in size.

I am having trouble getting it play embedded, so click here to download the speech, or watch it below. It has now been archived and can be watched in its entirety. The show begins at the 4 minute mark.

**update** 2.17pm
For a transcript of the speech visit his campaign website.

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