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Krazy Kos Kidz Attack Coverage of Romney Speech!

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 6, 2007

A Kos Kid has already posted, wondering if the coverage of the speech on TV was illegal. I kid you not:

I just turned on the TV and was flipping channels and CNN and MSNBC are carrying Mitt Romney’s speech LIVE.

Yes, they are carrying the speech, apparently in its entirety, LIVE.

Like it’s some kind of “Big Deal” to America. It’s not. It’s just some wanna-be politician trying to b.s. his way into office.

Can someone tell me how this is NOT breaking campaign finance law?

This is a FREE CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL FOR ROMNEY. A DONATION. FROM MAJOR NEWS CORPORATIONS. TWO OF THEM! (heck, I didn’t even check Foks News, so it’s probably three!)

Imagine if Boeing gave Romney his own 767 to fly around in. THAT’S what this is equivalent to.

Aren’t they now obligated to let, say, Edwards give an entire speech, LIVE?

Or, maybe Obama?

Or, just to be fair, McCain?

See, this is how we should be able to bring these “news” networks down, by busting them on this kind of thing.

To carry a candidate’s speech, in its entirety, LIVE on their networks, is an extremely valuable in-kind donation to that candidate. Just think if he had to buy that airtime.

How much is this worth in dollars? It should be pretty easy to figure out.

Can’t we bust them on this?


Of course you can’t. Because it would NEVER HAPPEN.

Daily Kos [Current] [Snapshot]


I’m guessing this person is your standard issue progressive, who has no idea about what is news worthy…and would go through any mental contortion to shut up the opposition. I suggest you read the comments, as there are some of the Kos Kidz with some sense. I couldn’t resist highlighting this idiot, and preserving their “outrage,” which they express oh so well with ALL CAPS.

One last parting shot…notice how this parallels with the actions of the leader of the North Carolina Democrat Party, Jerry Meeks, to the Carolina Stomper video of Elaine Lite dancing with pagans in downtown Asheville…by trying to punish the messenger…not the message.

These people are morally bankrupt, and cannot compete with us in the marketplace of ideas.

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