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Tidbits from the Enemy

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 4, 2007

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I see that the Kool-Aid Drinkers are still insisting that Mumia did not murder policeman Daniel Faulkner. I covered the recent release of “Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice” in this post. Mumia got off lucky, he should’ve been fried in the chair for his crime.

Kavkaz Center, an ally of al-Qaeda in the Caucus Mountains, reports that the Iraqi Resistance “have tactically reduced their attacks against occupation troops to regroup and retrain in the wake of the US troops surge.”

And on the same website, advice is given to NATO that “Negotiation is the only solution in Afghanistan.” Sounds like they are using Democrat Talking Points, huh?

In a clear sign that Condi has indeed gone over to the Dark Side, Eleanor Clift suggests that the current SecState would be acceptable in a Democratic Administration. In a supporting role, one of the good guys, Carl in Jerusalem suggests that Condi not be allowed back in the country. I agree with that sentiment.
She appears to have been captured by The Evil That Resides in Foggy Bottom.

I’ll leave you to ponder an attack in The Huffington Post on Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate most Republicans are rooting for, in an article attacking her recent vote for the Kyle-Lieberman Resolution…which laid the groundwork for an attack on Iran.

My philosophy for reading so many Lefty/Anarchist/Islamist websites?

I consider it Signals Intelligence, because old habits die hard.

**update** 4.22pm Threats Watch has a new video from As-Sahab, the centraql media arm of al-Qaeda, containing a graphic ambush of a convoy in Afghanistan.

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