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Tidbits from the Enemy

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 4, 2007

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I see that the Kool-Aid Drinkers are still insisting that Mumia did not murder policeman Daniel Faulkner. I covered the recent release of “Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice” in this post. Mumia got off lucky, he should’ve been fried in the chair for his crime.

Kavkaz Center, an ally of al-Qaeda in the Caucus Mountains, reports that the Iraqi Resistance “have tactically reduced their attacks against occupation troops to regroup and retrain in the wake of the US troops surge.”

And on the same website, advice is given to NATO that “Negotiation is the only solution in Afghanistan.” Sounds like they are using Democrat Talking Points, huh?

In a clear sign that Condi has indeed gone over to the Dark Side, Eleanor Clift suggests that the current SecState would be acceptable in a Democratic Administration. In a supporting role, one of the good guys, Carl in Jerusalem suggests that Condi not be allowed back in the country. I agree with that sentiment.
She appears to have been captured by The Evil That Resides in Foggy Bottom.

I’ll leave you to ponder an attack in The Huffington Post on Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate most Republicans are rooting for, in an article attacking her recent vote for the Kyle-Lieberman Resolution…which laid the groundwork for an attack on Iran.

My philosophy for reading so many Lefty/Anarchist/Islamist websites?

I consider it Signals Intelligence, because old habits die hard.

**update** 4.22pm Threats Watch has a new video from As-Sahab, the centraql media arm of al-Qaeda, containing a graphic ambush of a convoy in Afghanistan.

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Iran Nuclear Program Shelved in 2003?

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 4, 2007

According to the latest National Intelligence Estimate, Iran put it’s nuclear program on hold in 2003.

After the stomping we gave Saddam, I’m not surprised.

I pray that it is accurate.

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Blog Burst for Dec 4th

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 4, 2007

Short of making my Feed Reading Lists public, there is no way I way I can link to all the interesting things I find every morning while looking for content for West Carolina Report.

Since currently more people read this than that, I’ll try to put some of the more interesting links over here with a brief excerpt:

“Anyone who can get on the Internet now has access to a collection of books the size of a large university library,” said Raj Reddy, professor of computer science and robotics at Carnegie Mellon. “This project brings us closer to the ideal of the Universal Library: making all published works available to anyone, anytime, in any language. The economic barriers to the distribution of knowledge are falling,” said Reddy, who has spearheaded the Million Book Project.

Source: Al Fin [Reading to Maximise IQ and EF: Million Book Project]

The Iraqi government and Multinational Forces Iraq continue to take the fight against al Qaeda in Iraq and allied insurgent groups in the northern provinces. On the heals of Operation Lightning Hammer II — the multidivision operation in the provinces of Ninewa, Tamin, Salahadin, and Diyala — Iraqi and US forces have launched Operation Iron Reaper, a follow-on operation in the same region.

Iron Reaper, which consists of elements of four US brigade combat teams and three different Iraqi Army divisions, was launched on November 27. “The purpose of Operation Iron Reaper is to continue the pursuit of al-Qaeda and set the conditions for continued reconciliation efforts in key Northern provinces,” Multinational Forces Iraq stated in a press release on the operation.

Over 850 mortars, along with 70 rockets, various explosives, bomb-making materials and manuals, and “about a dozen explosively formed projectiles” were found in various caches. Iran has been the primary importer of the deadly explosively formed projectile land mines.

“Task Force Iron’s previous division-level operation, Operation Iron Hammer, began the process of improving security in the north and set in motion reconciliation efforts. The reconciliation paved the way for the signing of 6,000 Concerned Local Citizens,” said the press release. The recruitment of 6,000 Concerned Local Citizens in the Hawijah region has set the stage to allow Iraqi and Coalition forces to push into the rural towns and villages in the Za’ab Triangle as well as push al Qaeda and insurgent elements form the population centers of Mosul and Kirkuk.

Source: Long War Journal [Operation Iron Reaper launched in the Iraqi north]

Another unsavory aspect of many of the attacks on Vlaams Belang has been to base them on photographs, or on objects found in the background of videos. A photograph alone is evidence of nothing.Witness the photos of Richard Nixon with Jimmy Carter, or of Winston Churchill with Josef Stalin. No serious person would take these as evidence that Jimmy Carter supports conservative Republicans, or that Winston Churchill was a communist.The use of photos of in this manner is especially disingenuous when the subject’s publicly stated positions, policy initiatives, legislative actions, political alliances, and other public behaviors overwhelmingly contradict the tendentious conclusions drawn from such photographs.If I happen upon a photo of Dennis Kucinich taken alongside Robert Byrd – which is not an unthinkable possibility, given that both are in the same political party – common sense would not lead me to assume that Mr. Kucinich is an enthusiastic supporter of the Ku Klux Klan.

Only an invincible ignorance of (or disinterest in) the facts on the ground can lead to arguments based solely on associations discovered in photographs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Finally, an explanation is in order about why we have gone to all this time and trouble about such relatively trivial matters.Many commenters and emailers have been advising us to ignore the increasingly shrill and overheated accusations directed at us, Filip Dewinter, Vlaams Belang, etc. Readers are understandably tired of all this pointless argument, and are ready to move on.I’m just as sick of all this nonsense as any of you are. It has consumed all my spare time and energy for more than six weeks, and there is nothing I would like better than to be shut of it.But there is a crucial task that must be completed before we can move on.

Source: The Center for Vigilant Freedom [That Fascist Solar Cross]

The seed of the tipping lies in far western Anbar, in the collection of villages known as Al Qa’im. The village itself is one of the smallest in group, with Husaybah on the border with Syria now being (apparently) the largest. The area was the scene of heavy fighting between insurgents and coalition forces in 2005, with Operation Matador – one of the largest offensives to take place after Fallujah — resulting in clearing much of the area.

It was against this backdrop that what has become known as the Awakening began, with a tribe that got fed up with the insurgents. The Alba Mahal tribe began fighting al Qaeda and, from all accounts, didn’t do fare too well. It was then that the tribe decided to work with the Coalition, and other tribes and groups began to join in. The area around Al Qa’im began to stabilize not just for the Coalition, but for the residents as well.

Those bloody days of 2005 seem in many ways a distant memory to the land, if not the people. Driving through the area, it is clear that better times have arrived. Industry was in full operation, with key mineral and other plants in operation. Markets and other businesses appeared to be doing good business, even well into the evening. A new crossing complex was about to open on the border, expanding already significant trade. Clusters of new homes were being built as part of what appeared to be a significant housing boom.

That boom was reflected in the home of the head Sheik for the area. Whether new construction or extensive renovation, the home was gorgeous and reflected the new prosperity of the region. The meeting that night stood in contrast to the meeting a week or so before in West Rashid.

Source: Blackfive [The Tipping of West Rasheed, Part Two]

Count the ways this is wrong:

Later, Imus chatted with Connecticut Sen. Dodd, who called into the show from Iowa, where he is languishing in the polls.

“Drive time radio has been boring, so welcome home,” Dodd said. He also asked Imus to consider coming to Iowa to endorse his long-shot campaign.

“Hillary’s got Barbara Streisand endorsing her out here and let me tell you … More people out here look and sound a lot more like you than they do Babs. So if I can get you out here … we’re home free, I think.”

Source: Daily Kos [Dodd begs bigot Imus for endorsement]

And one more from Al Fin:

The Sun gives us life-sustaining warmth and light. The sun also bombards our space with x-rays, gamma rays, high energy electrons, and atomic nuclei, which if not for Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field would kill us all. But wait–the sun’s solar wind and magnetic field also shields the earth from dangerous radiation coming from outside the solar system. The Sun is clearly up to both good and bad. What else is the sun doing, that we should know about?

Recently, astrophysicists have become aware of the sun’s interaction with the “global atmospheric electric current,” and have started looking at the weather and climate implications.

Source: Al Fin [Is the Sun Really Masker of the Earth’s Deskiny?]


There just aren’t enough hours in the day to take all this stuff in, and process it before more comes in. I included the post from Daily Kos as an example of the crap posted on the Lefty Blogs. This particular post demonstrates a lack of appreciation for humor that nearly all on the Left seem to share…plus a very unChristian attitude of forgiving past offenses, especially if they are perceived to be against one of the “protected” victim groups.

And, if you dare, try reading the comments (often laced with foul language coming from foul minds) for some real gems of Lefty Neo-Stalinist Thinking: (click on quote to read in context)

“More people out here look and sound a lot more like you than they do Babs” is pretty damn miserable thing to say.

Tell me how I’m supposed to read that and not read it as perilously close to “there aren’t a lot of Jews out here.”

I included the military stories, and the science stories simply because (unless you listen to talk radio or read blogs) you will not see them except in passing, and wrapped in a political agenda designed to make the case that things are going badly, whether it is the fabled Global Warming, or the Iraqi Front of World War IV.

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Minor Civic Miracles by John Armor

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 4, 2007

Guest Commentary

Minor Civic Miracles
by John Armor
Highlands, NC

Two things happened last week that are minor miracles. We take such things for granted; they got merely local coverage, and not much of that. The first was the Highlands Christmas Parade on Saturday.

The Town is only four blocks long, but the parade was about eight blocks long. So, the first people to take part, had time to join the audience for the rest of the parade. In years past, Mayor Buck Trot would be in the first car as Mayor. Then he would rush back to the staging area, put on his red suit, and be at the end of the parade as Santa Claus.

Buck retired from being Mayor. But with his long white hair, his beard and mustache, and the fact that he is “a man of a certain girth,” he’ll remain as the Santa Claus forever.

Sounds like our parade was sorta lame. Not so. The new Mayor was in a lovingly restored late-model Model A Ford, with a rumble seat.
There were two other Model As in the parade. Folks hereabouts take their
vehicles very seriously. From the shine and perfection of the outsides of these
cars, I guarantee the engines were clean enough to eat your lunch off them.

There were also at least ten restored, early model Thunderbirds in the parade. And a vintage Mustang. And six fire trucks from Highlands, and the two nearest communities which support each other when any major fires occur.

There was the band from Highlands High School. They don’t have many musicians. They can’t afford uniforms. Their musical talents are not the same as the national champions who appear in parades like the Macy’s Thanksgiving one.

Why is it that the broadcast of the Macy’s Parade consists of two semi-celebrities announcing “the award-winning band from South Succotash,” and then talking over the band, telling lame jokes, and laugh over the parade. Wouldn’t it be nice to HEAR those musicians, who sold a lot of cakes and washed a lot of cars, to get to New York to play their hearts out.

Don’t TV producers pay any attention to what they are putting on the air?

Almost everyone watching our parade knew almost everyone IN the parade. Parents and children were calling and waving to each other. It was like the final, heart-warming scene in “The Music Man,” where the band begins to play. The parents’ cry out, “That’s our Tommy.” River City becomes a loving place where there really is a band – with 76 trombones and snappy uniforms.

This was a civic miracle for another reason. Almost very float (well, float is a high-fallutin word), they were John Deere and other equipment, decorated and carrying children, had a sign supporting a local charity. An immaculate black Corvette that I’d give my eye teeth to have, had a sign for the “Free Dental Clinic.”

What is the Clinic? Its chief fund raiser spoke at the Rotary Club last month. The Clinic provide millions of dollars in care to people who have no insurance and badly need dental care. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have provided first-class equipment and materials. That has attracted both practicing dentists, and ones who have retired to this area, to offer the free dentistry.

There is joy, there is caring, there is a community pulling together, all the things that any community should have, on display in Highlands on Saturday. That’s why I call it a minor civic miracle. We take it for granted, but it’s quite remarkable.

The other miracle took place in Hendersonville, last Wednesday. The Republican Men’s Club there invited all of the Congressional candidates for
the 11th District of North Carolina, to a debate. All three of us (yes, us)
Republican candidates showed up at 7:30 am for the debate. Because it’s going to be a hot election here in 2008, the room was packed, the press turned out, and we had an honest debate.

No question was steered or rigged, like the most recent Presidential
Debates for Republicans and Democrats. Ours was real questions asked by real people, and we had to come up with real answers.

Again, this was a small-town civic event. It was also a civic miracle, one that can and should be repeated a thousand times, all across this nation. Good things happen in small towns, so I thought I’d share the news.

– 30 –

About the Author: John Armor practiced in the US Supreme Court for 33 years.
He lives in the 11th District of North Carolina.

– 30 –

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