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(VIDEO) Glenn Beck Calls Out Ron Paul

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 1, 2007

I listen to Glenn Beck on the radio every weekday, and have followed the troubles he has gone through to try to get Ron Paul to come on his show. He has even dedicated some hours of his program so the Ronbots could call in about getting the candidate on the show. Most of the callers were idiots who couldn’t reason (I have them recorded in the eventuality Ron Paul does gain traction as a serious candidate), and kept blaming Glenn for Ron Paul not coming on the show.

Glenn has shown great wisdom in releasing this video on you tube, as it allows everyone to see what a coward Ron Paul has been. He has been like the Democrats cowering in fear of FOXNEWS like little girls.

How is someone who wants to become the leader of the Free World expect to be taken seriously when they are afraid of Glenn Beck…who is probably the closest thing to a libertarian among the conservative talk show hosts.

I’ll continue with this train of thought tomorrow as I examine the dearth of logical thinking among young people in general, and the Ronbots in particular.

My current line of thinking puts them on a similar level as the idiots who supported George “The Surrender Monkey” McGovern in 1972.

5 Responses to “(VIDEO) Glenn Beck Calls Out Ron Paul”

  1. al fin said

    I’ve been a libertarian for many years, and even voted for Ron Paul once. Any politician who can work in a corrupt congress for decades and still maintain any libertarian proclivities is an exceptional individual.

    Running for president as a republican has brought a harsh spotlight to Dr. Paul in his sunset years. He stands up to the light better than most modern americans–politician or not, senior citizen or not–could possibly do. He has earned my admiration for that.

    But not my vote.

  2. Anonymous said

    Ron Paul fans,

    Glen Beck is willing to allow Ron Paul on his show that is ranked radio show number 3 in the nation.

    Its sad that Ron Paul failed to come up to the plate.

    Bedsheets & Blogs will not win no elections.


  3. Kathy said

    Well said Richard!

    If Ron Paul will not come on Glenn Becks program, then it tells me he is afraid to come under to much scrutiny and hard questioning.

    If he’s afraid of hard questions from Glenn Beck, then what confidence can I put in him as a viable candidate, and President.

    Is it because he can’t answer the questions about doing away with the FBI and the CIA? Or that he’s afraid his answer will sound dopey?

    Just wondering!

  4. Tom the Redhunter said

    The worst part about Ron Paul is his supporters, who are aptly named “paulbots”. For some reason they think that the way to get their message across is by spamming blogs.

    As for Rep Paul, I think he goes too far in his libertarianism at home, and his foreign policy would be a disaster. I can admire his principles, but he just takes his policies too far

  5. Thunder Pig said

    If Ron Paul would just get his head screwed on straight about the war, I could support him.

    It is just so sad that he cannot seem to differentiate between ideology and reality.

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