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West Carolina Report for 12-01

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 1, 2007

I have updated the daily report sections of West Carolina Report for today, and this will serve as the open thread, and archive of my links over there when I remove them.

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(VIDEO) Glenn Beck Calls Out Ron Paul

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 1, 2007

I listen to Glenn Beck on the radio every weekday, and have followed the troubles he has gone through to try to get Ron Paul to come on his show. He has even dedicated some hours of his program so the Ronbots could call in about getting the candidate on the show. Most of the callers were idiots who couldn’t reason (I have them recorded in the eventuality Ron Paul does gain traction as a serious candidate), and kept blaming Glenn for Ron Paul not coming on the show.

Glenn has shown great wisdom in releasing this video on you tube, as it allows everyone to see what a coward Ron Paul has been. He has been like the Democrats cowering in fear of FOXNEWS like little girls.

How is someone who wants to become the leader of the Free World expect to be taken seriously when they are afraid of Glenn Beck…who is probably the closest thing to a libertarian among the conservative talk show hosts.

I’ll continue with this train of thought tomorrow as I examine the dearth of logical thinking among young people in general, and the Ronbots in particular.

My current line of thinking puts them on a similar level as the idiots who supported George “The Surrender Monkey” McGovern in 1972.

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Thunder Pig Withdrawing Support for Fred Thompson

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 1, 2007

I have been an enthusiastic Fred Thompson Supporter from the time it was rumored he would join the fray.

Due to his contempt of my heritage, I am withdrawing my support for him, and have requested that I be removed from various blogrolls promoting him.

I will have more later. The family is throwing a celebration for my grand parents today on the occasion of their 62nd Wedding Anniversary.

I still like him, and most of his policies, but cannot support someone who hates the symbol of the south, and of the portion of my ancestors who bled under that flag of battle.

As a side note, my growing admiration for Governor Mitt Romney has been quelled.

This again leaves me with Congressman Hunter and Congressman Tancredo as the only “real” conservatives in the pack, and their chances are slim, now that the faux conservative Governor Huckabee is finding his way into the hearts of RINOs everywhere.

I will likely vote for the nominee of the GOP, provided it isn’t Ron Paul or Julie Annie, in 2008. My primary season just opened up, now that I won’t be part of the Thompson Surge planned for South Carolina.

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