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Suicide Bomber Takes Hostages in Rochester, NH Hillary Clinton’s Campaign HQ

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 30, 2007

If you can’t get to a TV or Radio, Gateway Pundit is covering the crisis, and has links to livestreaming TV coverage.

One hostage, and her infant child have so far been released.

Pray for the safety of the hostages, the law enforcement personnel, and that the hostage-taker is taken into custody without harming anyone.

**Update 3.38pm There is also a FReeper Thread that will provide quick info.
I have also heard on XM 121 FOXNEWS that all hostages have been released, and that the suspect is in his mid-forties and…wait for it… with a history of ‘Mental Instability.’ Well, Duh!

I am thankful that the hostages have been released.
The man is Troy Stanley, who believes the gummit has planted a bug in his head…riiiight!

Here are some New Hampshire Blogs that might have more info over the next few days, and might provide a little local flavor. This took forever, since I am at home on dial-up, and not in the office today.

Drew Cline

Blue Hampshire

Democracy for New Hampshire

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