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McCain to Paul–"Let Us Win!" (Updated with Music)

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 29, 2007

I take back every bad thing I ever said about Senator John McCain, and if he makes it on the ticket, I will vote for him just on the merits of his nuking Ron Paul.

When someone finally posts the exchange to You Tube, I will make it a permenet part of my sidebar, and will try to make it into a flash movie, or a gif with sound. I don’t know how to do those things, but for this, I will.

Jim has a video of it on his site, Gateway Pundit, but he uses Motion Box, which sucks because I can’t embed it over here, or download it.

However, I have lifted the audio and have embedded it here.

**Update** 9.28am
Silly me, it was in one of the You Tube Questions:

**Update** #2 12.26pm
I decided to compose a new piece of music to commemorate this event, and my working title is McCain Attacks. It is composed of four movements, and they are entitled, Positioning, Launch, Jugular, and Victory. (Now you know for sure I am touched in the head!)


One Response to “McCain to Paul–"Let Us Win!" (Updated with Music)”

  1. Anonymous said

    What kind of crazy music is that?

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