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Hooligans Deliver Audio of NC-11 GOP Debate Forum

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 28, 2007

Arratik, one of the bloggers at Scrutiny Hooligans, attended the NC-11 GOP Forum held this morning in Henderson County and uploaded the audio with the promise of more goodies (like a transcript) later.

**Update 1.31pm Henderson Times-News Coverage

5 Responses to “Hooligans Deliver Audio of NC-11 GOP Debate Forum”

  1. arratik said

    Still working on the transcript… I guess I’m not as fast a typist as I used to be. 😦

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Betcha it’s still faster than I’d be…not that I’d offer to type the transcript if I had went. 8-D

  3. Anonymous said


    Im sure we spoke to each other at this event, not sure why you didnt let me know who you were.

    I would have enjoyed talking more, in fact the first time I meet your sidekick Gordon he too failed to share with me who he was, whats up with that!!

    Its great you showed up at this event in Henderson County, even at 8am!!

    With my background in the Democrat party of Buncombe County, I know alot Democrats that are good friends of mine, even if we disagree on most issues.

    I have been invited to up & coming events which is key to have a balance of producing important events & meetings.

    Im not sure if Gordon or yourself was at the Vance-Aycock Dinner hope you will be able to attend the next time around.

    Vance-Aycock dinner was “aired” in full on URTV & this event will be “aired” as well. I hope you were able to watch the entire program.

    Take care – Hope we can chat more at one of theses events.

    Richard Bernier

    PS In referance to having updated shoots from your post on Hooligans, I would just brush my teeth & you will be fine.

  4. arratik said

    Richard: I don’t think I spoke to you. I heard John Armor mention that someone from URTV was there (I’m guessing you were the one with the big camera in the center aisle?). I was just hanging in the back, incognito, enjoying my coffee (they had pretty good coffee there! Nice and strong with a prominent “oil slick” to it. I feel healthier after drinking it!) and taking it all in.

    Next time, I’ll know who to look for and I’ll introduce myself.

    (For the record, I was the big dude with the slightly graying hair standing by the rear emergency exit, wearing a flannel shirt and holding a digital recorder.)

  5. Anonymous said


    I stand wrong then please forgive me – I made attempts to speak to everyone their who appeared to be tied with the media.

    Maybe, you came in late?

    It will be great to place a face with the name, so I look forward in meeting with you at a later date.

    I see this race to far exceed the recent council race in Asheville, maybe we should hold on to both our hats!! lol

    The coffee which you drank was the good stuff that was carted in in a large SUV from Murphy, two bags.

    til then… 🙂

    Richard Bernier

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