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Are Ron Pal Supporters Planning Bloodless Coup in North Carolina and the Nation?

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 26, 2007

Katy’s Conservative Corner has obtained e-mail between Ron Paul Supporters planning to become delegates to the North Carolina GOP Convention.

An excerpt:

The delegates to the county conventions are chosen at the precinct level. Most precincts are not organized, and preference is given to republicans who attend who wish to be delegates. So, for example, if you were a new republican went to the precinct convention in Charles Taylor’s precinct, (sic) said you wanted to to be a delegate and he did not attend, you would get the seat. The same is true for the county conventions, and all the way up the line. So, this must start at the ground level.

Source: Katy’s Conservative Corner, where you can read the rest, and follow links to the email, where I found this gem:

i was primarily thinking that it would be most effective to pool from
those 100+ Meetup group members we already have to get them to be more active in the local GOP meetings and become a delegate. Seems to me it is these folks that have the drive to do so.

Otherwise, it seems it would be a LOT of work to contact so many voters in a district to try and persuade them to consider supporting Ron Paul, let alone getting involved at a much deeper level.

i plan to continue pushing our group’s members in this direction, as Ron Paul NEEDS support in the GOP delegation!


So much for getting out the vote…sounds like a short circuit to the electoral process to me! Not enough voter support? Bah! Voters, who needs ’em when your man must be elected. No wonder these guys can’t get recognized to vote in North Carolina…they can’t be troubled with going door-to-door as that would cut into their time at the local overpass!


8 Responses to “Are Ron Pal Supporters Planning Bloodless Coup in North Carolina and the Nation?”

  1. Anonymous said

    i have read all of your negativity towards ron paul and find you disgusting. you cant even state why you dont like him in a clear and concise way.
    bernard, i have read your posts to TP and would encourage you to not cast pearls to swine! your efforts are commendable, but here is wasting time that you could be furthering ron pauls campaign! CC

  2. Kathy said

    Ron Paul could be viable candidate if he didn’t say stupid, dumb things like he wants to get rid of the CIA and the FBI. That’s just nuts!

    We don’t live in time where the oceans protected us, for the most part from over seas attacks. “Now” all that needs to be done to send devastation to this country is the push of a button. Call me crazy, but it seems to me we should be proactive concerning the security of this nation. And to do that we need agencies like the CIA and the FBI. I’m just saying!

  3. Anonymous said


    I was there tonight & all I saw their was only one Ron Paul supported there which happen to be Jim Reeves.

    Jim has alot of passion, I will give him that however Tim Peck was a NO-Show.

    I was going to an up-date on the Republican Party takeover which half-witted Peck stated on the radio.

    As far as Ron Paul, if he gets the top billing I will vote for him.

    The Republican Party has gave so much to Mr. Paul – I just wounder if the Ron Paul folks will remember this in the end & support another Republican in the end?


  4. Kathy said

    Yeah Richard I noticed the same thing about the Ron Paul take over folks. But there was one more guy with the beard and ponytail in the corner that talked about the Ron Paul Balloon. So some of them are actually showing up at Republican meetings.

    What bothers me it the crazy 9-11 Truthers that are in support of Paul, and seeing the YouTube video of Ron Paul seemingly giving his stamp of approval to the Truthers is “very” troubling.

    And the only thing this coalition for Ron Paul has in common is their hatred of the war. Once the troops are pulled out, then what?

  5. Anonymous said

    Dear Friends,
    1) To imply that getting more involved in the process of selecting delegates is somehow either an attempted coup or an abandonment of getting out the vote is illogical. It is, rather, simply becoming more involved in the process, a sign of Paul’s ardent support.
    2) I’m not sure what the Republican party has “given” Ron Paul, since they have often opposed him in his senatorial bid or ostracized him in his presidential bid for harping on pesky issues of fiscal restraint, civil liberties, and CONSTITUTIONALITY. More likely they would prefer to be rid of their conservative conscience, to echo Barry Goldwater’s title as Paul echoes his philosophy.
    3) Can you really assert that the Republican party hasn’t already been taken over by warmongering, big-government democrats in disguise? Isn’t it all about Small Government?
    4) Kathy, if you bothered to inquire very far into the matter, you would see that the minor association of Paul with “truthers” has already been discredited. They approached him on neutral ground. Even rabid Mrs. Malkin has repudiated her earlier claim that he “met with” rather than encountered them.
    5) Can you really not see that the federal government is a massive, bloated, corrupt body, appropriating 25-45 percent of your labor only dish it out to lobbyists or otherwise waste it? Didn’t the founder’s warn us against many of the vices into which our system has now fallen: debt, alliances, imperialism, excessive governmental power?

    “And when a man spends someone else’s money on someone else, he doesn’t care how much he spends or what he spends it on. And that’s government for you.”
    –Economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman

  6. freedomadvocate said

    Here is a video of a real Patriot

    PS. Fred Thompson will be dead in four years, then we’ll be left with whatever lamo he has as a VP.

  7. Anonymous said

    I attended Republican party meeting notice I did not try to conceal my support for Dr. Paul. I have voted for Republicans many times, Democrats 0 times and libertarians when they are more supportive of the constitution compared to current Republicans.I believe the current Neoconservatives [their description not mine] are following Rockefeller funded University of Chicago former professor Leo Straus [google him] not small govt. fiscally conservative Republicans of the past. I consider Ron Paul the only candidate representing this fine tradition in fact I registered Republican prev. unaffiliated just because of HIM. Jim Reeves

  8. Katy said

    Way to go Thunderpig! Thanks for calling them the way it is and for not pulling the punches. I love the “overpass” comment. It’s funny because it’s so true. If the Ronbots had any brains, they’d be a part of the system, instead of planning to attempt to go around this. We have rules in place and everyone must follow them, even your fellow blogger at Katy’s Conservative Corner!


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