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MSNBC Lies About Papal Homily, And More You Won’t See on The TV News

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 25, 2007

This is posted especially for those opposed to the Global War on Terror, to show you that you have been lied to about this war by the Media since Day One!

The Pope’s words according to MSNBC:

Pope Benedict, elevating 23 prelates from around the world to the elite rank of cardinal, made a pressing appeal on Saturday for an end to the war in Iraq and decried the plight of the country’s Christian minority…

Speaking of Delly during the ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica, Benedict said Christians in Iraq were “feeling with their own flesh the dramatic consequences of an enduring conflict … “

Let us together reaffirm the solidarity of the whole Church with the Christians of that beloved land and invoke from the merciful God the coming of longed-for reconciliation and peace for all the peoples involved (in the conflict),” he said in his homily.

Wearing gold embroidered vestments, the Pope said in his sermon that he had chosen the Iraqi patriarch as a cardinal to express his spiritual closeness to suffering Iraqis.

Now, from the Pope’s Website:

…To the beloveds Christian communities that find themselves in Iraq? These our brothers and sisters in the faith experience in the flesh the dramatic consequences of a persistent conflict and live in present fragile conditions and a delicate political situation. I have called to enter in the College of the Cardinals the Patriarch of the Chaldea Church of Iraq. I have meant to express in some concrete way my spiritual vicinity and my affection for those populations.

We want entirety, beloveds and Siblings, to reaffirm the solidarity of the entire Church towards the Christians of her mistress earth and to invite to invocate from merciful God, for all the involved people, the advent of reconciliation and of peace.

Source: Gateway Pundit, who is a better source of real news than CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC.

Have the Media No Shame? Of course not, they live to twist the news to fit their template so that it helps the Democrats.
HOw many scandals do you need? Dan Rather lying and using forged documents to cause a sitting President to lose an election? If it were up to the Legacy Media, that is EXACTLY what would have happened.
Wake up, sheep! You are being lied to, and herded to your doom by the left…don’t say you weren’t warned!

And,I seem to remember the Democrats (and nearly everyone else against the war) insisting that Iraq was in a Civil War, and the Legacy Media would promptly report that, and ignore any counter evidence…now comes this:

Almost since the beginning of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq in late 2003, there has been an ongoing public debate about the significance and origins of foreign-born jihadists who have traveled to Iraq intent upon joining Al-Qaida and killing Americans and Muslim “apostates”. Despite a veritable avalanche of evidence suggesting that these foreign fighters have had a disproportionate role in destabilizing Iraq and that a large cross-section (if not outright majority) of these fighters are coming from Saudi Arabia, a host of journalists and experts have wasted no effort in downplaying their impact. Regular readers of the Counterterrorism Blog will recall Jonathan Finer’s article in the Washington Post, similar pieces published in the Christian Science Monitor, and a litany of commentary from Tony Cordesman (based almost entirely upon facts spoon-fed to him by Saudi intelligence and paid Saudi lobbyists).

Yet, now, it seems that the evidence of the involvement of Saudi Al-Qaida recruits in the Iraqi insurgency has become so plainly obvious that even the New York Times has taken note. In an article published this week, Times writer Richard Oppel cites statistics derived from a “trove of documents and computers discovered in September, when American forces raided a tent camp in the desert near Sinjar, close to the Syrian border”, featuring a “collection of biographical sketches that listed hometowns and other details for more than 700 fighters brought into Iraq since August 2006.” According to the Times article, at least 305 of those biographies–or 41%–were of fighters from Saudi Arabia: “Among the Saudi fighters described in the materials, 45 had come from Riyadh, 38 from Mecca, 20 from Buraidah and the surrounding area, 15 from Jawf and Sakakah, 13 from Jidda, and 12 from Medina.” Compare this to Tony Cordesman’s suggestion in his 2005 report on the Iraqi insurgency that Saudi nationals represent only 12% of the total number of foreign fighters. Quite obviously, Cordesman’s estimate was way, way too low.


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