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Asheville IndyMedia Call Ron Paul a Liar

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 23, 2007

You know things are looking bad for your candidate when even the Socialists and Anarchists “Pile On!”

Anyway I believe my posts below from message board this weekend explain my feelings about Ron Paul aiding James Davidson’s’s ‘naked short claim’ penny stock frauds.Further I would remind Mr.Paul that his own state is harboring penny stock criminals making the same false claims as he and his corrupt penny stock tout ‘Libertarians’.Houston attorneys John O’Quinn and James Wes Christian have dumped worthless shares of Jag Media Holdings,Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and others while the folks at Endovasc who lied about being a Stanford University connected ‘biotech’ company(including Judge Ken Reilly),worked with a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai connected boiler room called Bellador Group and now thanks to irresponsible politicians such as Ron Paul the fraudulent claim has finally crossed the Atlantic and entered into UK penny stock lore.
So far Ron Paul supports an econic lie and fraud and does a disservice to his economiust heroe Ludwig Von Mises.And as one who was born in Texas Ron Paul makes me ashamed of that state’s corruption as epitomised by his support of this fraudulent penny stock claim used even by Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s GenesisIntermedia penny stock fraud that Paul Singer and Carl Ichan benefitted from but also Bernie Kerik’s Taser.So far Ron Paul comes off looking as bad as Rudy Giuliani for aiding and abetting penny stock fraud with its consequent money laundering and drug laundering potential,(ie.-Skyway Communications,etc.).

If Mr.Paul and Christopher Shay and the other House of Representatives member who wrote their scammy letter to the SEC are as ignorant as they pretend about the fraudulent ‘naked short selling’ claim'(used to divert attention from illegal insider manipulations of their own stock) then they would be doing their country a favor by resigning from the House of Representatives – and certainly not do us the further disservice of seeking higher office.
Ron Paul should pressure the appropriate offices in his own state to prosecute attorneys O’Quinn and Wes Christian for using courts and the legal system to protect their fraudulent penny stock clients and distort the legal system with lies about ‘naked shorting’ causing share collapse when in truth Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and Jag Media Holdings and O’Quinn and Christians other penny stock criminal clients were dumping their own shares.In fact the lying Texas attorneys were dumping their clients worthless shares as well while lyting about ‘naked shorting’.

Tony Ryals

Source: Asheville IndyMedia, if you have the stomach to read the whole thing. There is a payoff, however, if you are in the “9/11 Conspiracy Thing” because the author eventually gets around to connecting Ron Paul with 9/11.


I used to think the Black Helicopter Crowd in the 90’s were strange, these guys have shown me a whole new level of strange! Perhaps even more strange than the insane people who believe the crap on Coast to Coast AM!

For example, I started ignoring Jerome Corsi after I started hearing him on Coast to Coast AM while I was prepping my web sites with new new content. Now, I have an XM Radio, and don’t have to listen any more!

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  1. PRCalDude said


    I saw your post on GoV regarding 5 GW. Having just finished Thomas Hammes book, I was wondering how I can get up to speed on 5GW.

    Could any of the techniques you’ve tried work to combat the Hispanization of the US? That’s my focus right now. I think I’ve got some people who will help.

    Hit me back on this thread if you can.

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