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Tough On Terror: The Video Flagged by You Tube

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 15, 2007

This video was flagged by jihadis and anti-American collaborators as inappropriate content for youtube.
In a “I Am Spartacus Campaign” people are downloading this video using Keep Vid, and re-uploading the video on one of their own accounts.


2 Responses to “Tough On Terror: The Video Flagged by You Tube”

  1. Brainshrub said

    Oh noes! Teh terra-ists are gonna blow up The Gap!


    Seriously, tho – silly this was flagged. With all the fear-mongering Americans get exposed to, this is rather tame.

    Besides, thinking people understand illegal immigration != terrorism.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Especially since this Illegal Alien was nabbed working for Hizbullah.

    You’d be surprised how many OTMs (Other Than Mexican) are crossing into the USA via our Southern and Northern Borders.

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