Thunderpig’s Mirror

VIDEO–Idiots in Need of some Wooden Shampoo

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 14, 2007

Source: Michelle Malkin


Now, where the deuce were the police? Or barring that, local citizens with either Louisville Sluggers or Brooklyn Smashers, pictured below as a visual aid for the forthcoming “wooden shampoo” these jihadi collaborators deserve.

**Update**9.50am The police did finally show up and Pepper Sprayed some, and released them. Here are a couple of photos:

Chemical Justice Delivery System

In Praise of Bulldozer Justice

Stryker Destined to Supply U.S. Troops in Iraq

This is what the anti-American war protesting left is for…denial of crucial supplies to our troops in a time of war. I think this type of activity should be discouraged by the use of lethal force, because the actions of these pond scum kills American Soldiers in a Combat Zone. I am so glad the retards in West Carolina don’t try this crap at our many manufacturing facilities that produce or repair military equipment. Of course, the Law Enforcement Officers around here don’t usually let things progress as far as they have in Fort Lewis.
All I have seen is a few losers standing on the side of the road (mostly in Asheville…they don’t tend to survive in the far western counties) with their signs.

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