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Men Working

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 14, 2007

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VIDEO–Idiots in Need of some Wooden Shampoo

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 14, 2007

Source: Michelle Malkin


Now, where the deuce were the police? Or barring that, local citizens with either Louisville Sluggers or Brooklyn Smashers, pictured below as a visual aid for the forthcoming “wooden shampoo” these jihadi collaborators deserve.

**Update**9.50am The police did finally show up and Pepper Sprayed some, and released them. Here are a couple of photos:

Chemical Justice Delivery System

In Praise of Bulldozer Justice

Stryker Destined to Supply U.S. Troops in Iraq

This is what the anti-American war protesting left is for…denial of crucial supplies to our troops in a time of war. I think this type of activity should be discouraged by the use of lethal force, because the actions of these pond scum kills American Soldiers in a Combat Zone. I am so glad the retards in West Carolina don’t try this crap at our many manufacturing facilities that produce or repair military equipment. Of course, the Law Enforcement Officers around here don’t usually let things progress as far as they have in Fort Lewis.
All I have seen is a few losers standing on the side of the road (mostly in Asheville…they don’t tend to survive in the far western counties) with their signs.

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The Homosexual Agenda: Indoctrinating Your Children

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 14, 2007

The Carolina Stompers have recently raised awareness to a piece of legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly with the seemingly innocuous title of “”.

I posted about it yesterday, and one of the bloggers over at Scrutiny Hooligans, Gordon Smith, engaged me in a discussion yesterday. He has even posted about it himself.

Today’s article will pull back the curtain to allow you to see what exactly is going on here, and it most certainly is not an attempt to obtain “equal rights.”

The following is taken from a book review:

Another target of the homosexuals is the public schools. “According to the National Education Association and its allies, children must be taught that sexual orientation is fluid (which is an interesting contradiction since homosexual activists are intent on proving a genetic link to their behavior), that only ‘intolerant religions’ do not affirm homosexual behavior, and that once you are entrapped in homosexual behavior, there is no escape. No dissenting views are permitted. Thus, the gospel is silenced, parental values are undermined, and an impressionable child is doomed to engage in behavior that will often result in his or her eventual self-destruction.” (p. 51) As Newsweek writer, David Gelman, puts it, “At high schools around the country, multiculturalism has begun to embrace multisexualism…more students seem to be coming out, and they’re coming out younger.” (p. 50)

“The indoctrination that takes place in our public schools has definitely had an effect in shaping teens’ attitudes toward homosexual behavior. In 2001, Zogby International released a poll that found that 85 percent of high school seniors thought homosexual men and lesbians should be accepted by society…….two-thirds thought same-sex marriage should be allowed. Even 80 percent of evangelical Christian students supported hate-crimes legislation, which in its many proposed forms, will be used to silence religious speech about homosexual behavior.” (p. 67)

Universities are now actively recruiting homosexuals, in some cases “tailoring their student housing policies to support homosexual behavior and preferences.” (p. 76) At the same time, Steve Hayner, former president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship reports, “We have had more challenges to our basic right to exist on campus settings during the past two years than in the previous fifty-five combined. It’s not just us—this is hitting Catholics and Muslims and others. What we are seeing is a growing challenge to religious free speech.” (p. 72) “While people of faith find themselves forced to put up with behavior that offends them, those who practice homosexual behavior are catered to, at the expense of everyone else.” (p. 77)

“Lately homosexual behavior on college campuses is taking a dangerous new turn – the promotion of sexual relations between adults and children, known as pedophilia.” (p. 83) U.S. News and World Report columnist John Leo noted that he had “seen a trend toward the promotion of pedophilia among academics as early as 1981.” (p. 85) Professor Harris Mirkin of the University of Missouri-Kansas City published a study (funded with taxpayer money) that compared the ‘moral panic’ about pedophilia to previous ‘panics’ about feminism and homosexuality.” Sheldon Steinbach of the American Council on Education adds his comment, “Today’s heresy often becomes tomorrow’s orthodoxy.” (p. 85) “This statement is extremely chilling but also very true. Just as homosexual behavior has now become accepted orthodoxy on many university campuses and Christians and Orthodox Jews have become the heretics, we are going down the same road with pedophilia. As the homosexual agenda continues to sexualize our culture, other once-forbidden behaviors are exalted as just more alternative lifestyles. The result is that the well-being of millions of children is at risk, along with the right of parents to protect their children from sexual exploitation.” (p. 86)

Taken from an article on The Intellectual Conservative that reviews the book, The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing The Principal Threat To Religious Freedom Today.

Source: Read more at The Intellectual Conservative

Consider purchasing the book to arm yourself with information that you can use to combat these attempts to indoctrinate your children in public schools.

The reviewers end their article with the very eloquent following statement:

The authors state, “Many Christians are unaware of the threats posed to their religious freedoms. Because of this, either because of ignorance or laziness, sadly, many Christians will come to realize the famous lament of the German pastor, Martin Niemoeller, is true for them as well: ‘First they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I am not a Jew. Then they came for the socialists, but I did nothing because I am not a socialist. Then they came for the Catholics, but I did nothing because I am not a Catholic. Finally, they came for me, but by then there was no one left to help me.” (p. 204) This book is an excellent read if you want to see clearly the chilling path where the homosexual movement is really taking us.

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