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Video: Bush Was Right

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 7, 2007

The Right Brothers

I really, really love that song that starts when you enter their website.

**WARNING** The song contains graphic lyrics that may cause lefty heads to explode.

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French Fries Are Back on the Menu

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 7, 2007

“I want to tell you that whenever a U.S. soldier dies anywhere in the world, I think of what the Americans and — the American army and Americans have done for us.”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Toast to the American People

France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, burst onto the Washington scene on Tuesday, clearly reveling in his first official visit to the White House and asking the United States to embrace him as a friend.

Mr. Sarkozy has met President Bush several times, so the brief visit was a vehicle for Mr. Bush to reward him for his friendship and for the French leader to introduce himself and his team to official Washington.

Setting aside the recent anger he has shown because of his divorce, Mr. Sarkozy backslapped and hugged his way through the day. He also proclaimed his determination to be a reliable partner of the United States.

“I come to Washington to bear a very simple message, a message that I bear on behalf of all Frenchmen,” he said in a toast at a formal White House dinner in his honor. “I want to reconquer the heart of America.”

In his toast, Mr. Bush welcomed his guest with the words “Bienvenue à la Maison-Blanche.”

Earlier in the day Mr. Sarkozy, calling France’s opposition to the American-led war in Iraq “a disagreement,” told the French American Business Council: “I never quite understood why we had to fight with the United States. I never quite got it.”

Mr. Sarkozy arrived in Washington without a spouse but with some of the women who reflect the diversity of his cabinet: Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, a former chairman of a Chicago-based law firm, Baker & McKenzie; Justice Minister Rachida Dati, who has a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother; and Rama Yade, his 31-year-old Senegalese-born subminister of foreign affairs and human rights, whom Mr. Sarkozy calls his “Condi Rice.” (snip)

Mr. Sarkozy awarded the Legion of Honor on Tuesday to seven World War II veterans, including Senator Daniel K. Inouye, Democrat of Hawaii.

Source: Free Republic

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West Carolina Report For Nov 7

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 7, 2007

I have updated West Carolina Report for today, including links to North Carolina and national election results. I have posted numbers and an analysis of the Asheville City Council race results also.

Progressives will try to downplay the results, and I say, “Let them.” While they make noise, and try to make it up to Jan Davis for throwing him under the bus (probably full of progressive transit supporters) and calling him a conservative when they thought the progressive takeover of Asheville inevitable. Well, it would have been if it hadn’t been for the clumsy attempt to change the City Charter in the dark of night, and without citizen input.

Take THAT, Lefties!!!!

And, brought to you by our friends at the Carolina Stompers:

Elaine “Dances With Witches” Lite Dancing to Defeat

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And Then There Were Three…

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 7, 2007

The Gang of Four Voting Bloc on the Asheville City Council has been broken up by the arrival of Bill Russell, who replaces Bryan “I Hate Republicans” Freeborn.

The Referendum on changing the City Charter to allow Partisan Elections has gone done in flames with 9,568 (80.3%) voting NO, and only 2,346 (19.7%) voting Yes.

I would like to thank the Fab Four for putting the idea forth to change the Asheville City Charter from Non-Partisan to Partisan, which I thought would pass with no problems. The referendum allowed for the harnessing of the large Unafilliated (shudder) vote in Asheville to knock a reliable Progressive vote off the Council, and replace it with (I Hope) another conservative voice to join Dr. Mumpower, so Mayor Bellamy can work a majority for her agendas.

Brownie Newman is no longer the Shadow Mayor of Asheville…Mayor Terry Bellamy is now the Power Player on Council…especially with the Democrats Dumping on Jan Davis. I will have more on that later.

The emphasis on being low-key, not drawing attention to the Council Race and not calling in to WWNC and working the neighborhoods worked. I thought it would not. I was wrong. All those Saturdays spent quietly knocking on doors worked, I was pretty sure that would help. Only 5,000 for Elaine? This gives me hope for Asheville, that perhaps things can be turned around there.

Here’s hoping Hillary gets the Democrat Nomination for 2008, because that will energize the Republican Base more than anything I can think of at this moment, save a real conservative nominee.

Coverage Round Up:

Asheville City-Council

# Jan Davis (I): votes: 7,639, percent: 21.4%
# Brownie Newman (I): votes: 6,613, percent: 18.5%
# Bill Russell: votes: 5,568, percent: 15.6%
# Bryan Freeborn (I): votes: 5,484, percent: 15.4%
# Dwight Butner: votes: 5,367, percent: 15.0%
# Elaine Lite: votes: 5,009, percent: 14.0%

Referendum on Partisan Elections
# No: votes: 9,568, percent: 80.3%
# Yes: votes: 2,346, percent: 19.7%

Sylva Commissioner Race

# Maurice Moody (I): votes: 75, percent: 23.9%
# Danny Allen (I): votes: 67, percent: 21.3%
# Ray Lewis (I): votes: 65, percent: 20.7%
# Sarah Graham: votes: 61, percent: 19.4%
# Mike Beck: votes: 46, percent: 14.6%

Franklin Alderman Race

# Bob Scott (I): votes: 397, percent: 16.2%
# Joyce Handley: votes: 359, percent: 14.6%
# Verlin Curtis (I): votes: 321, percent: 13.1%
# Denton Higdon: votes: 317, percent: 12.9%
# Charles Roper (I): votes: 310, percent: 12.6%
# David Rowland: votes: 243, percent: 9.9%
# Jim Williamson: votes: 240, percent: 9.8%
# Larry Hollifield: votes: 143, percent: 5.8%
# William L. Trapani: votes: 75, percent: 3.1%
# W.H. Derrick: votes: 44, percent: 1.8%

More later…blogger is about to go down for maintenance…

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