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Voting Guide For November 2007

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 6, 2007

One Size Fits All!

Here is your Handy Dandy Voting Guide for today, applicable in all states, congressional districts, and every precinct in America (or the world, for that matter) it is one-size fits all!!!


When voting on referendum, vote for the option(s) that give the government less money, less power, and less authority over your daily life.

Bond Issues

Bond Issues are almost always a bad idea, and a sign of poor planning for the future by your local or state government.

New Taxes

Vote No on these because you must never feed the Beast that is government, you must keep it in a cage, with limited powers, and starving.


When voting for candidates, choose the one(s) that have a philosophy of less government intervention in your daily life.

To Vote, or Not To Vote?

Should you vote today, or in any election? If you are not sure on any issue involved in referendum, do not vote on that item.
If you are not sure on any bond issue, vote against the passage of that item.

If you are not sure of the philosophy of the candidates, please do not vote in those elections and leave the exercise of Sovereign Authority to the Grown Ups. A Voting Booth is no place for a child, or for one who holds their Soveriegn Authority so cheaply they do not pay attention.

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