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Asheville City Council Elections Tomorrow

Posted by Thunder Pig on November 5, 2007

For all those conservative voters in Asheville, I have one suggestion in regards to the election for City Council tomorrow: Although you have three votes to cast, you should only cast one, and that vote will count more than the votes of others who cast two, or three votes.

My philosophy behind this is simple, Brownie Newman and Jan Davis are very likely to retain their seats, and there is only one seat open for contention…Bryan Freeborn’s.

The progressive vote will be split between Bryan Freeborn and Elaine Lite, with some of them likely voting for Jan Davis for name recognition purposes.
Conservatives, and those who oppose the progressive philosophy should limit their vote to one candidate, and maybe two if they feel compelled.

Otherwise, nothing will change on the council, and all three will be re-elected, which is the likely outcome.

The Let Asheville Vote people have been a severe disappointment to me as they just allowed themselves to be talked out of making a difference. Their referendum will fail, and as a result, the council will be all progressive by 2012.

I am sure glad that I won’t be living in the hell-hole that will be Asheville by then…I will sure enjoy making fun of the idiocy, though!!!


8 Responses to “Asheville City Council Elections Tomorrow”

  1. Kathy said

    Sounds like a plan! Lets hope a few common sense people are elected to city council this time. But regardless, until the many irresponsible parasites are encouraged to move on, Asheville will remain the cesspool it’s become.

  2. Gordon Smith said

    I wonder if I’m an irresponsible parasite or a common sense people…

    Doesn’t smell like a cesspool…

  3. timpeck said

    Just for clarification, the “Let Asheville Vote” coalition accomplished its stated mission and brought the partisan election issue to a referendum vote of the public rather than four council members seeking to subvert the will of the people.

    Congratulations for a job well done.

    It is now up to y’all.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    I disagree.

    By allowing the issue to fall from public conciousness, and allowing Brownie Newman and the progrwessives to spin the issue…The Let Asheville Vote Coalition has virtually guaranteed the establishment of partisan elections that will have the stamp of public approval.

  5. Thunder Pig said

    As someone who doesn’t live in Haywood County…I can smell the paper plant everytime I am in the county…those who live there can’t seem to smell it.

    I can smell the stink of Asheville all the way to Macon County!!!

    As to the parasite quandry…do you receive funds from the government in person or by proxy?


    Asheville has a national reputation for being pro-homeless. I worked at a facility in Indiana where it was not-uncommon for us to give “graduates” a bus ticket to Asheville with literature on the places they could receive support, and places they could find shelter.

  6. Gordon Smith said

    Thunderous Porcine,

    Let Asheville Vote was not against partisan elections. They were against the Council forcing partisan elections on the people without a referendum.

    I signed the LVA petition, but I am for partisan elections. See?

  7. Gordon Smith said


    Are you anti-homeless? That’s some cold shit.

  8. Thunder Pig said


    A good number of the people involved were against partisan elections…they allowed the LAV group to be 5GW’ed.

    I see.

    Anti-homeless? Red-Herring? You must be huffing this stuff. 8)
    Seriously, though. I realize some people choose that lifestyle, and if I weren’t addicted to clean sheets, showers, and the internet…I might choose it myself.

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