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The Left Isn’t The Free Speech Movement Anymore

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 29, 2007

In schools and colleges across America, teachers and professors recall the “Free Speech Movement” of the hard left at Berkeley in the 1960s. But today’s left often shreds that idea in its own intolerant behavior. At Michigan State University, British Nationalist Nick Griffin was shouted down from a speech on the danger of radical Islam. The Lansing State Journal reported: “Hurling obscenities and using chants to interrupt his address, rambunctious student organizations forced Griffin to abandon his speech and allow an informal question and answer session.” This liberal quote is a classic:

“We have all come from different backgrounds,” said Authra Khreis, 17, a pre-med student and a protester. “We should accept one another. I don’t think he should be allowed to speak. You can use free speech until you hurt another person.”


Finally, did you see the kerfuffle the John Edwards campaign created around a college student reporter? The Raleigh News and Observer reported they demanded that Carla Babb, a reporter for the college TV station at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, pull down her “Republican”-sounding report on their headquarters:

Source: News Busters


And just who decides what is hurtful? Ruffled feathers? Someone who is hurt by the truth? A Presidential Campaign Staff in third place in their home state? Have you seen some of the signs carried by lefties (Commies) at protests around the country? What would their response be to Impeach Hillary For Campaign Fraud? Imprison Sandy Pants?

I almost wish that Hillary would win (she very well might), and then we would see just how the Neostalinist lefties really feel about Free Speech.

It is only Free Speechwhen it favors them or targets an opponent, and Hate Speech when it targets Lefties.

And in an effort to show that lefties do indeed hate America, I have included a portion of my headlines from West Carolina Report for today:


This Antiwar Is Lost– Saturday Protest Turnout Fizzles

IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria

GW Student: “I want the Sharia law imposed in my country”

Moronic Convergence in Los Angeles

Moronic Convergence in Boston

YouTube Video of Islamofascist Freaks at Emory University

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Conservative Groups Counter-Protest "Code Pink" in Smithfield

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 28, 2007

Smithfield NC — A large protest, and a larger counter-protest caused local police to be out in full-force today here. Yet, no violence occured. Harsh words were lobbied to and fro but in the end, the event ended just as it began, passion-filled and peacefully.

Katy’s Conservative Corner has a number of interviews, both with the Code Pink and Victims of Torture protestors, along with counter-protestors from a Gathering of Eagles and Rolling Thunder. Up to 40 different groups were represented.

Eric M. Weaver, Sr. and your blogger covered all the action. Watch the interviews here, and look for more reporting and photos soon.

Source Article: Katy’s Conservative Corner

Related: Troy LaPlante was there, so he may have something up later.

I’m looking for more info from the FReepers, etc…so I may have more to add later.

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Saturday Morning Blog Burst

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 27, 2007

First, the North Carolina Bloggers are blogging.

First, the people with their fingers on the pulse of America…the conservatives:

Katy has noted that the John Edwards Campaign is bullying UNC students over a negative story in their newspaper, and she gets a good dig in about Edwards being third in his home state. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

My good friend Longstreet has blessed us with a reprise of his masterpiece on the new lefty religion, Environmentalism!

The Appalachian Scribe misses Boone.

Lemuel Calhoun is reporting that Romney is saying that Julie Annie will fade away. I certainly hope so, because we don’t need no steenking liberals in the GOP!!

And Ogre is keeping things light by showing us how the Prime Directive applies to computers (and some of their operators!)

The Republican Roundtable notes that most people don’t want Birth Control Pills handed out at Middle Schools, to which I respond…Progressives don’t care what real Americans want, they just want parents out of the way so the public schools can raise good little communists.

Leaving the conservatives, our next stop is the Libertarian Red Clay Citizen where he takes notice of the newest quandary for Democrats, Jim Neal (who is gay) or Kay Hagan (who is not gay)? Which leads me to…

After pimping for gay Jim Neal, who is gay, by the way, they had to say; the perps at BlueNC have invited Kay Hagan (who is not gay) over for a Sunday Morning Spanking.

Arratik has recycled a post from yesterday over at Scrutiny Hooligans about the Project Vote Smart Bus being in Asheville today, which leads me to muse that the Asheville Citizen-Times never fails to indicate the party of candidates by their party (or assumed party) in their voter guides and stories so even the most stupid Democrats can know who to vote for!!!

He posted yesterday about an interesting “circuit-bending” challenge.
Most of them seem to involve making weird music that I like.

Petulant is suffering from a cold, and embedded an instructional video for us.
Get well, soon!

Gulahiyi relates a lunchtime experience on Main Street.

And AshVegas has posted on the controversial firing of the much loved (by the Socialists, anyway) Cecil Bothwell from the Socialist Paper, The Mountain Xpress.

I will take the liberty to reprint an excerpt:

One thing we can say is that the issues between Cecil and Xpress are long-standing ones that all parties involved have been discussing and attempting to resolve for years. So we too are surprised — by Cecil’s astonishment over the current state of affairs.

But putting all this aside, we love Cecil’s passionate devotion to civic issues and social justice. And we agree with other Bothwell supporters that he’s made an enormous contribution to Xpress — and, most importantly, to this community — over the years.

Perhaps he can spend some time on the road hawking his latest anti-Christian screed about the Reverend Billy Graham. His removal from the newsroom could not come at a more apropos time.

I was going to post more on the national scene, but my electricity has blinked twice already this morning (thank God that Blogger auto-saves every couple of minutes!) and I don’t feel like waiting ten minutes for the computer to reboot, and the modem to dial in every time the electricity blinks. It seems to happen every Saturday morning.

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Bill Clinton Delivers Smack Down To Twoofer

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 26, 2007

I am no fan of President Bill Clinton, but his reaction to a 9/11 Twoofer could not have been more eloquently stated!

The video will no longer play for me, so as I backup, I have re-uploaded it to another account:

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Military Motivator Posters

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

Check out more: Military Motivator

Hat Tip: Ogre

Parting Shot:

The Children Know Better Than Congress:

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Video: Elaine Lite Hearts George McGovern!!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

Find more videos like this on AshVid.Net

I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard Elaine Lite speak lovingly of the “Defeated in a Landslide” Defeatocrat George McGovern!! I guess these people never learn.

This video could be more dangerous to her candidacy than the world-famous Carolina Stomper video of her dancing around a Magnolia tree, which I have taken the opportunity to embed below for the shear joy of it!

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Indian Casinos A Bigger Gamble Than You Think

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

Gary Hoffman was a millionaire, and then he wasn’t. Hoffman hit a jackpot worth over $1.5 million in a New Mexico casino on an Indian reservation, and received all sorts of congratulatory salutations on the casino floor. Once he made it to the executive conference room of the Sandia Casino, however, the tone changed from celebration to intimidation:

Hoffman, a retired Albuquerque city employee, was playing a “Mystical Mermaid” slot machine on the morning of Aug. 16, 2006, when he thought he hit it big.

The nickel slot said he’d won $1,597,244.10. Patrons and casino employees came to congratulate him. He even got a marriage proposal, Hoffman said. But, soon he was asked to come to an executive conference room, where he says he was told the casino refused to pay.

A casino employee “became quite intimidating with me, pointed his finger in my face and said, ‘You didn’t win. We’re not paying you any money. Do you understand what I’m telling you? You’re not getting any money,'” Hoffman said.

The tribe claims the slot machine malfunctioned. It insists that the machine had a maximum payout of $2500, while Hoffman insists that it had a bonus play option which allowed for much higher winnings. The picture that Hoffman took shows a very precise number that the machine displayed of the jackpot, which indicates that the machine had routines that allowed for seven-digit jackpots — and the machine’s manufacturer insists that the machine cannot malfunction in the way the casino asserts.

Read The Rest: Captain’s Quarters


File this one under Another Reason Not To Gamble, if the moral one isn’t good enough for you.

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West Carolina Report for Oct 25

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

I have updated West Carolina Report for today, and published an article on WNC Citizens Blog on the Sylva Town Council Race.

The Scene in Macon County

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Worth Reading– The American Covenant by Longstreet

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 25, 2007

The American Covenant
by Longstreet

It is said the USA has more of it’s citizens incarcerated, imprisoned, than any other nation on earth.

I heard this the other night on TV. I wondered what reaction the person making the statement hoped to elicit from me, and others, who heard it.

My own reaction was… so what?

I mean, only a person having no understanding of the foundation of this country could be surprised by such a fact.

Now… for those of you who still think that is an awful thing to say about a nation… hold on a minute!

Consider the US is a nation founded on laws, on a written constitution, and a code of laws founded on that constitution, Olde English Common Law, the laws of the Judeo-Christian religion, commonly known as the Ten Commandments, and a few other lesser known codes of laws. The US is a “nation of laws”.

Now, here is the “kicker”! Citizens of the US are free people… so long as they/we remain within the boundaries proscribed by the laws, which are made by their/our fellow citizens who have been vested with the power to create those laws.

America asks very little of her citizens. All she asks is that they/we obey the law(s) made by the citizens of the country.

If a US citizens, or anyone residing within the US decides, for whatever reason, to live outside those laws, or to ignore, or in any other way, break those laws, then the wrath of their fellow citizens, the people of the 50 states as a whole, will come down on them like a ton of bricks! And in a system such as ours… that is a good thing.

Read The Rest: Insight on Freedom


Longstreet Gets It. Do You?

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Fern Shubert on Glenn Beck

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 24, 2007

Since I have no TV Reception where I live, I had no clue until I started getting tons of google searches for “Fern Shubert” and “Glenn Beck” so I checked it out.

You can see her appearance at The Village Scribe, who made the catch, or below on You Tube:

And here are some videos I recorded when she spoke at The Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration on June 23 of this year:

And here is my coverage of the event:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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