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Saturday Morning Blog Burst

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 27, 2007

First, the North Carolina Bloggers are blogging.

First, the people with their fingers on the pulse of America…the conservatives:

Katy has noted that the John Edwards Campaign is bullying UNC students over a negative story in their newspaper, and she gets a good dig in about Edwards being third in his home state. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

My good friend Longstreet has blessed us with a reprise of his masterpiece on the new lefty religion, Environmentalism!

The Appalachian Scribe misses Boone.

Lemuel Calhoun is reporting that Romney is saying that Julie Annie will fade away. I certainly hope so, because we don’t need no steenking liberals in the GOP!!

And Ogre is keeping things light by showing us how the Prime Directive applies to computers (and some of their operators!)

The Republican Roundtable notes that most people don’t want Birth Control Pills handed out at Middle Schools, to which I respond…Progressives don’t care what real Americans want, they just want parents out of the way so the public schools can raise good little communists.

Leaving the conservatives, our next stop is the Libertarian Red Clay Citizen where he takes notice of the newest quandary for Democrats, Jim Neal (who is gay) or Kay Hagan (who is not gay)? Which leads me to…

After pimping for gay Jim Neal, who is gay, by the way, they had to say; the perps at BlueNC have invited Kay Hagan (who is not gay) over for a Sunday Morning Spanking.

Arratik has recycled a post from yesterday over at Scrutiny Hooligans about the Project Vote Smart Bus being in Asheville today, which leads me to muse that the Asheville Citizen-Times never fails to indicate the party of candidates by their party (or assumed party) in their voter guides and stories so even the most stupid Democrats can know who to vote for!!!

He posted yesterday about an interesting “circuit-bending” challenge.
Most of them seem to involve making weird music that I like.

Petulant is suffering from a cold, and embedded an instructional video for us.
Get well, soon!

Gulahiyi relates a lunchtime experience on Main Street.

And AshVegas has posted on the controversial firing of the much loved (by the Socialists, anyway) Cecil Bothwell from the Socialist Paper, The Mountain Xpress.

I will take the liberty to reprint an excerpt:

One thing we can say is that the issues between Cecil and Xpress are long-standing ones that all parties involved have been discussing and attempting to resolve for years. So we too are surprised — by Cecil’s astonishment over the current state of affairs.

But putting all this aside, we love Cecil’s passionate devotion to civic issues and social justice. And we agree with other Bothwell supporters that he’s made an enormous contribution to Xpress — and, most importantly, to this community — over the years.

Perhaps he can spend some time on the road hawking his latest anti-Christian screed about the Reverend Billy Graham. His removal from the newsroom could not come at a more apropos time.

I was going to post more on the national scene, but my electricity has blinked twice already this morning (thank God that Blogger auto-saves every couple of minutes!) and I don’t feel like waiting ten minutes for the computer to reboot, and the modem to dial in every time the electricity blinks. It seems to happen every Saturday morning.

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