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Democrats Conduct War Against The President

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 17, 2007

It has always been my understanding that politics is warfare, mostly conducted without major loss of life. I have also understood that lefties have the objective to win, no matter the cost to our nation. This separates them from most on the right…the unwillingness to put political ideology before patriotism, when (and if) they are willing to fight.

In a previous post, I was so mad at the Democrat Leadership, I held back from declaring them to be enemies of America, although their actions spoke louder than my words ever could.

This morning I found a curious post at Dreaming 5GW:

Over eight decades after the Ottoman slaughter of some one and one half million Armenians the US Congress has seen fit to introduce a bill that will define said Ottoman endeavor in a most accurate fashion applying the label genocide. Why the sudden interest in a near century old atrocity? According to Nancy Pelosi:

“because many of the survivors are very old.”

One could toss that explanation into the category of political subterfuge. What’s most interesting here is not the very obvious recognition of Armenian genocide but the timing of this sudden
geo-political epiphany. Turkey has long struggled with the Kurdish/Marxist separatist group, the
PKK and in recent months began amassing military power along the Turkish/Iraqi border in
preparation for possible crossborder operations designed to repress or destroy the PKK network that exists (in much the same fashion of the Taliban in western Pakistan) within Kurdish Iraq. The interesting bit is this piece of legislation comes about (in a very publicized fashion) at the same time that the
Turkish parliament is hashing out whether or not such military operations will take place.

The Democrats seem to be running what might well be defined as a very nascent 5GW operation against what will be the political 800 pound gorilla should they ascend to Executive power: The inheritance of the Iraq war.

Read the rest at Dreaming 5GW, including the thoughtful commentary, to which I can only add that when the concept of Revolutionary Defeatism is taken into account; the picture becomes much clearer of the intent of the modern Democrat Party, especially the Progressives.

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