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Who Is Ron Paul? And Who Are His Supporters?

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 12, 2007

“…. But the growing pile of evidence is proving that Paul,
for all his freedom-loving talk, is in the pocket of the very people this blog has spent the past four years warning about. His links to the murderous brownshirt fringe that brought us the Freemen standoff and the Oklahoma City bombing are too strong to be ignored.
If America ever becomes a fascist state, it will be Ron Paul’s long-time followers who bring it about. And we — progressives, miniorities, feminists, gays, “intellectuals,” and Jews like Maher and Stewart — with be the first ones to feel their genocidal rage. We cannot overlook his long association with far-right extremists just because he agrees with us that the war is wrong and pot should be legal. If Bush has taught us anything, it’s that we need to hold ourselves and our candidates to much higher standards than that. What we choose to overlook now, we will live to regret later….”

Source Post: The Pink Flamingo

Go on, read the whole thing. I admit that I have been creeped out by Ron Paul (and have hounded his Idiot Supporters), I just thought people were hanging their beliefs onto Congressman Paul. You know, given the right circumstances, this Ron Paul Bedsheet rEVOLution could have evolved into a Nazi-like Movement.
I’ll just be muttering in the corner…

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Friday Funny Video..The Elephant Story

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 12, 2007

This is one of the best skits on The Carol Burnette Show from the 70s.

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Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 12, 2007

The Associated Press
Friday, October 12, 2007; 5:11 AM

OSLO, Norway — Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures needed to counteract it.

Gore, who won an Academy Award this year for his film “An Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary on global warming, had been widely expected to win the prize.

Climate change has moved high on the international agenda this year. The U.N. climate panel has been releasing reports, talks are set to resume on a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol, and there is concern about the melting Arctic.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said global warming, “may induce large-scale migration and lead to greater competition for the earth’s resources. Such changes will place particularly heavy burdens on the world’s most vulnerable countries. There may be increased danger of violent conflicts and wars, within and between states.”

Jan Egeland, a Norwegian peace mediator and former U.N. undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, also called climate change more than an environmental issue.

Source Article: Washington Post via email alert.

Al Gore joins other notables such as Jimmy Carter and Yasir Arafat…I say he fits right in with that pack of anti-American losers.

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Macon County Schoolboard Violated Campaign Laws

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 12, 2007

I thought there was something fishy about all the yellow snipe campaign sides that have sprouted like so many flowers across the county…

After the School Board has been promoting the school bond referendum for more than a month, representatives with a referendum committee have filed with the Board of Elections. The Macon County School Board has promoted the $42.1 million bond for new schools through yard signs, billboards, brochures and flyers that have been sent home with Macon County School children, in addition to several educational public forums.

According to Kim Bishop, Macon County Board of Elections Director, as of Monday she wasn’t aware of who was putting the signs up. Yellow yard signs, which read “Vote Yes for Children, November 6, School Bond Referendum” have appeared on roadsides in several areas of the county over the past few weeks including in front of county schools.

Several billboards with the same message have also been posted throughout the county, including three on the Highlands Road in Franklin.


According to the Macon County News coverage of the August 13 meeting, Chairman Donnie Edwards “proposed they set aside some funds for advertising and the Board voted to allocate $5,000 to cover signs, flyers, radio spots and newspaper advertising.”

Brigman said he has worked in “several districts that have used this approach,” and didn’t believe that it violated any laws. “We’ve got to get the word out on the bond referendum,” said Brigman Monday. He said Pamela Collins, Macon Community Schools Organizer, was in charge of advertising.

As of Monday, Bishop said that it’s obvious the group is doing slogans and advertising how to vote regarding the school bond referendum, which requires them to register as a political action committee. “If this group or individuals are spending money, they need to do campaign finance reports with our office.”

According to the NC Campaign Finance Statutes regarding campaign or referendum advertising, a committee must be formed and is required appoint a treasurer, have a name, and maintain all financial reports on money they are spending and/or receiving.

Under NCGS 163.278.14A, the use of the phrase “vote for” in ads is “evidence of public communications ‘to support or oppose’” an election and falls under the requirement that a group or committee files and submits financing with the Board of Elections.

“Obviously, with the signs, they are spending money,” said Bishop.

Source Article: Macon County News and Shopping Guide

[Emphasis mine throughout. –TP]

As part of my renerwed focus on issues in WNC, I will be covering more of these types of stories to bring a missing conservative viewpoint from the public discourse.

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