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Mudcat Saunders at the 2007 Vance Aycock Dinner

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 10, 2007

I had trouble to insert a slide show due to interruptions in the video, and I had to substitute the audio from a backup audio recorder I used, which had a better sound quality than the itty bitty mic on my digital camera.

These are the remarks of Dave “Mudcat” Saunders on Saturday night.

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The Kos Kidz and Another Lefty Lie Exposed

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 10, 2007

I spend far to much time reading lefty blogs and message board threads. Every once in a while, I run into posts that have a blind spot so large I can walk through…and here is the latest example:

Ya know, I’ve been following what Malkin, Free Republic, Riehl and the like have been doing to Graeme Frost’s family. I can’t post much of anything on it, because any honest, no-holds-barred post I write about it right now would probably get me arrested. It’s one of those little things about living in a civilized society — sometimes you have to know where the boundaries are. And yet, there are continual examples of other people that don’t have any boundaries at all.

Hunter, the Kos Kid, seems unaware that if you tell a lie on the public stage anymore, you will be found out. Hunter seems perfectly willing to allow a lie to be told if the template is correct. That kind of bigoted thinking gets us the Duke Rape Case, The forged documents that got Dan Rather fired, and a kid who is sent to a private school for $20,000 a year (and his sister, too!) who cannot afford health care because his parents are too stupid to shop around, and do basic research any competent high school kid should be able to do.

A Freeper, icwhatudo, did some basic research on the family, and exposed the lie. Now the Left is Livid with Rage:

There aren’t any words to express what I really think about these shambling dermoid cysts dressing themselves up as humans. I certainly hope, in the back corners of my mind, that one or more of them gets accidentally hit by a runaway beer truck, or dissolved in cartoon-strength acid, or slowly eaten by a bear while having to listen to intellectual half-fart Jonah Goldberg read some of his worst goddamn grade-school-level columns aloud the whole time. That’d be a start: we could go from there, anyway, in our efforts to imagine some small measure of karmic retribution for the malevolence these people celebrate every day.

These people think the premise of not doing the worst possible thing to even the smallest political enemy at every possible opportunity would be nothing but an act of weakness. God help them and me both, but I sincerely hope they someday find themselves on the receiving end of the same treatment. They lack all semblances of human empathy: like exceptionally vicious and stupid dogs, punishment in-kind would be the only way they would ever learn. No, that is not true — dogs do learn from kindness. In the entire animal kingdom, only conservatives do not.

It’s long past time for people to stop treating Fox-style, Malkin-style, Limbaugh-style conservatism as merely a “political” phenomenon. It may once have been, but it isn’t now. As of this millennium, it’s nothing but a hate movement with neckties. Protofascism with bright, patriotic logos. Stop treating it with anything but revulsion and disdain. Stop pretending for even a bare moment that they are anything more than thugs.

Read the whole profanity-laced post, and comments, at the Daily Kos.
Here is a snapshot of the page in case they come to their senses and remove it.

I’m surprised a blood vessel does not burst in Hunter’s forehead as he (or she) spews filth from a black hearted hatred of people who have exposed the latest lie from the left. His (or her) anger would be best directed at the buffoons who came up with the idea in the first place, not the people who exposed the lie, unless Hunter agrees that his (or her) cause necessitates the telling of lies in order to make it palatable to the masses. (Reminds me of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, Militarist Japan, or Islamofacism)

I feel pity for these people who have been filled to the brim (and overflowing) with lies, false philosophies, and hatred for everything that has built our nation into the greatest source of wealth, charity, and freedom the world has ever seen.

I think that conservatism should begin it’s own Long March into the Institutions of Our Society, and rescue these poor people from their fate, and our nation from oblivion.

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