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The John Batchelor Show is Back !!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 7, 2007


77WABC announced today, the return of John Batchelor to the WABC lineup. John will take over the 7-10pm slot on Sunday night, which has been occupied by Brian Whitman.

Brian will continue with a variety of roles on WABC including frequent substitution assignments, and his comedy voice work for the Sean Hannity show. “Brian has worked for WABC since 1996, when he joined us on overnights at the age of 24, the youngest major market talk show host in America,” said WABC PD Phil Boyce. “Brian is a part of the WABC family and that will not change with this move,” Boyce continued. Brian is a much sought after morning show voice talent, with clients all over the country, as well as the Sean Hannity Show. Brian also will continue to host his regular weeknight show he co-hosts on KLSX-FM, the CBS owned talker in Los Angeles.

Batchelor hosted nights on WABC from the night after 9/11, till September of 2006 when his show was canceled by the ABC Radio networks. “I have wanted to find the right spot to bring John back for some time,” commented Boyce. “John’s insights into the political arena, and his fascinating take on world affairs has allowed him to build a legion of fans.” The John Batchelor Show will continue that theme, using all of John’s sources, his vast knowledge of history, and his unique take on current events.

Source: WABC

Hat Tip: The Eyrie, who was kind enough to leave a tip in a comment thread. LIghtning Baron, I will dance at your wedding, or send a suitable video of me doing the Happy Dance in lieu of me not being able to attend!!!


This is very good news indeed. Whenever I have been pondering current events, and how things might fit together, I often wonder, What Would John Say?
Now, with many thanks to Phil Boyce, I will not have to wonder any longer.

I also can’t wait to hear from his many sources of current information, his musical interludes, backgrounds, and mood making music selections, his in-depth interviews, and of course, Kate to sing us to sleep.

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