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Richard Moore: A Panderer to One Up Bev Perdue?

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 6, 2007

So says Carter Wrenn:

The second point’s simpler still: Moore’s just pandering to African-Americans to one up Beverly Perdue in the Democratic primary. There’s nothing really wrong with that – after all they’ve been through African Americans probably find a little pandering a nice change. Except, it’s only pandering. Vilifying Charles Aycock’s a cheap way to win votes.

Source: Talking About Politics

Hat Tip: Michelle Valenzuela

Some Background:

From the Carolina Stompers:




From Others:

The Democrat Party of North Carolina

The Buncombe Democrat Party

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Democratic Party of North Carolina Celebrates A Racist

Sarasota Speaks

NAACP Response to the Vance-Aycock Dinner Issue

Can we exorcise painful history?

Changing names is not enough

I have also put more links in the left column of West Carolina Report that link to more coverage of the dinner tonight under Saturday Oct 06.

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