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Jack-Booted ThugsBATFE To Hold Press Conference Reference To WalMart Explosion Suspect(s) Sought

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 3, 2007

The scene in Sylva this morning

From AshVegas:

New information on Wal-Mart explosion coming

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will hold a 10 p.m. press
conference Wednesday in Sylva to release new information about last week’s explosion of a propane tank in the store’s camping section. The explosion injured five people.

Carolyn Ryan, dramatically waving a printout of the press release, said the cops will release photos of witnesses or people of interest that they want to talk to. Ryan also talked to one guy who said a store employee told him that it looked like somebody hit the tank with a hammer.

Source: AshVegas Journal


Normally, I hold the thugs at BATFE in the lowest of regards, slightly above the jihadis on the ladder of evolution. If ya see the people, they’re looking for, call the police. I hold idiots hitting propane tanks with hammers in stores in even lower regard than the BATFE.

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Thunder Pig Wins At BlogAsheville! Everybody hates my desgin!

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 3, 2007

Thunder Pig was voted most in need a a re-design at the Blogapalooza held by the blogerati in Asheville. I could not attend due to it being held past my bedtime, which rolls around at 8pm so I can be up by 2am to gather news content for West Carolina Report, which I just finished updating…so check it out!

A comment about the re-design “suggestion”…everybody has been hammering me from the right and left to “get rid of the fat” and go lean, fat boy. I admit, I did get carried away with the big photo files and shiny objects, and have dumped a few, and am pondering the drapes, should I go with pastels?

Do I get a button, or should I design one myself?

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