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Media Matters–Lefty Liars Lying How you can help stop these liars

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 1, 2007

Media Matters is at it again (as if they’ve ever stopped), and they have attacked Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly this past week.

And this time, they’ve tricked the Democrats in Congress to propose legislation condemning Rush Limbaugh, which must mean that Maha-Rushdie must’ve hit them where it hurts.

Here is a link to story ABC News did three days before Rush reported on the same subject: Phony Soldiers, and here is the intro by ABC Anchor Charles Gibson:

CHARLES GIBSON, HOST: (Voiceover) ‘A Closer Look” tonight at phony heroes. A famous recruiting slogan once touted the Army as a place to be all you can be. But increasingly, scam artists are posing as the war heroes they never were, claiming credit for acts of courage in Iraq and Afghanistan. Federal officials have launched a crackdown. Operation Stolen Valor they call it. Tonight, our Brian Ross investigates.

Newsbusters has an excellent post on Media Matters, and here is a sliver:

Last week, two of the leading conservatives in the media, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, were dishonestly and unprofessionally attacked by press outlets that cherry-picked out of context remarks from lengthy radio broadcasts in order to vilify outspoken personalities whose opinions they don’t agree with.

Unfortunately, as folks around the country saw this play out on their television sets and newspapers, few were at all familiar with the organization behind the smear campaigns, or that this same group started the firestorm which ended with radio host Don Imus being terminated by NBC and CBS in April.

Maybe more importantly, even fewer citizens are aware that this organization is linked directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as billionaire leftist George Soros.

For some background, John Perazzo wrote a column for FrontPage Magazine in July entitled “Media Matters: Hillary’s Lap Dogs,” that should be must-reading for all citizens interested in who’s targeting America’s leading conservative personalities :

Established in May 2004, Media Matters identifies itself as “a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”—particularly information “that forwards the conservative agenda.” The organization was founded by the conservative-turned-leftist journalist David Brock, who says he created Media Matters “to combat” what he characterizes as the largely successful effort of “the right wing in this country” to “mov[e] the media itself to the right” and to “mov[e] American politics to the right.”

Source: Newsbusters (read the whole thing)


I had no idea this thing was going to blow up as big as it has, I guess there are more ignorant Democrats serving in the Congress than I had believed. I have prepared a post which will go up this morning before 9am where I expose the attack on Bill O’Reilly as a lie, and a smear taken out of context with edited audio from his Sept 19, 2007 show.

I also have the audio from the Rush Limbaugh show in question, but not enough time to take a look at the Media Matters version to see exactly where the edits ( if any ) took place.

See what appeasement gets you? You (the general public) fed Media Matters Don Imus, and now they are back, looking for another sacrifice. Are you going to let them take everyone else, before they come for you? I seem to remember that was how the Gestapo worked…they came for people no one really liked first (Don Imus, others). Now they are back for people they have been spreading lies about…how long will it be before they come for your Free Speech? When they do that (and they will), their will be no one left to defend you.

You can defend Limbaugh. You can defend Bill O’Reilly. You can make up for not defending the idiot Don Imus. There is strength in numbers.

Call your Congress Critter and demand that the Condemnation of Rush Limbaugh be dropped.
And go one step further, call for the investigation of Media Matters.

Senate Switchboard: 202-224-3121

House Switchboard: 202-225-3121

When you are connected to the Switchboard Operator, politely ask for your Representative or Senator.

If you do not know who your representative is, click here.

If you do not know who your Senators are, follow this link.

Stay tuned for my post exposing the Media Matters edited audio of Bill O’Relliy and Juan Williams taken out of context.

Media Matters is a corrupt organization that will lie to acheive it’s leftist agenda.

3 Responses to “Media Matters–Lefty Liars Lying How you can help stop these liars”

  1. Gordon Smith said


    Media Matters posts transcripts unedited.

    Defending O’Reilly and Limbaugh? Is this what the pro-war, Bush right is reduced to?

    Did you catch FOX News headline about our generals betraying the troops?

    This is a silly parlor game. Limbaugh, FOX, and O’Reilly are professional smear merchants and propagandists. For you to defend them is baffling.

    By the way – this is important – the notion that Soros has anything at all to do with Media Matters is false. Find a shred of evidence, and you’ll be the first. Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al. repeat this lie, but it isn’t so.

  2. Brainshrub said

    MM posts transcripts unedited. Have fun confirming this ‘tho.

    I happen to believe it’s a waste of time for Congress to condemn a radio blow hard, just like the recent MoveOn bruhaha was a waste of breath.

    Still, it’s fun to watch you defend Limbaugh.

    Do you agree that troops who question the occupation of Iraq are “phony soldiers”?

  3. Thunder Pig said


    I will always defend good men or women.
    About FOX…I live in an area where I cannot receive over-the-air TV Signals, and too far from cable, and a ridge covers the southern sky. THe only TV I see is what I can download off the net from various fast connections.

    You need to read the links I provide to find out about Soros’ involvement with Media Matters. I despair of your study skills.

    I have yet to find unedited transcripts…there are only snippets. I heard the show being referenced, and have the audio in my archives….I will be looking to confirm.
    The MOveOn Ad exposed the liberal bias of the NYSlimes, and is a violation of Federal Election Laws.

    The question is invalid, and loaded with untruths. In the context of Limbaugh’s discussion, he was speaking about the increasing numbers of fake vets protesting the war in Iraq.
    There are phony soldiers protesting the war.
    There are also real soldiers protesting the war.
    Most soldiers, however, support the mission and the great things we are accomplishing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Things the “traitorous” media will not report. The schools and hospitals that are being built, the WMD being recovered from IEDs (mustard, Sarin, and VX Gas) being used by terrorists who do not recognize what they have unearthed.

    This is a 5GW War, with no boundaries, no Battlelines, and everywhere, and everyone involved.

    I hope you read the links I laid out for you the other day.

    You can quote me on this…”real troops who question our involvement in Iraq do not correctly perceive the reality of what we face, whether by personal choice, ignorance, or being deceived by a faulty worldview.”
    I’d have to say that most phony soldiers are against the war.

    I am starting to see why Quinn says lefties will stand on their heads and tell the world it is upside down.

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