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Massive Redesign of Thunder Pig Coming

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 25, 2007

Your voices have been heard load and clear, West of the Balsam Readers!!!

I fully admit to having abandoned load-time for “pretty pictures and shiny objects.”

My recent access to a Giga-bits per second connection from a secure location has blinded me to the needs of my Primary Audience…the people from West of the Balsams.

From home, I have access to the intertubes via a “56k line” that seems to average right about 40k or so, with swings from 22k to 45k depending on how many clouds are in the sky, birds on the wire, and Floridiots lost in my driveway.

I test loaded Thunder Pig from home last night, and was shocked. My blog took 13 minutes 42 seconds to fully load, although posts were readable nearly 8 minutes into the loading…a full minute behind the local paper.

I apologize, and will work on correcting that grave error.

I’ll work on stripping the time-consuming photos and graphics from my sidebar on Friday, and be ready for a leaner, meaner, relaunch on Saturday with Thunder Pig 3.0.

4 Responses to “Massive Redesign of Thunder Pig Coming”

  1. Brainshrub said

    As someone who is also going through a massive site re-design myself, I wish you the best of luck.

  2. timpeck said

    I wasn’t going to say anything.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    My West of Balsam Yahoo! Groups ganged up on me and read me the riot act. I’ll have to save the videos and photos for a couple of media pages on the West Carolina Report site.

    Brainshrub: I like what you’re doing. I may have to do something like that with WCR, because I plan on having multiple reporters contributing to it by next spring, and I can’t get it to work with a wiki.

    Tim: WIth friends like you…;)

    Links are the lifeblood of a blog…most especially if you want to build an effective activist community.

  4. Gordon Smith said

    Great news. You know you’ve been nominated as needing a site redesign in the BlogAsheville awards right?

    Blog on.

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