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Rally Recap: The Enemy Among Us

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 17, 2007

My internet connection crapped out over the weekend, so I couldn’t follow the rallies like I wanted to, and here is the guide to coverage of them.

Gateway Pundit has a few links, and an interesting bit of reporting on Cindy Sheehag:

Cindy Sheehan in true Leftist fashion called for mass resistance against the government yesterday since the “peaceful” tactics were not working so well.

Cindy can go ahead and call for “mass resistance”, or even “mass protests” because they will fall on deaf ears. The people of America support our troops, and support the war effort because they have not turned out into the streets in protest—except for the weirdos who already hate America anyway, like the Communist A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition.

8 Responses to “Rally Recap: The Enemy Among Us”

  1. falcon_01 said

    I covered the pro troop rally in person, and can say the traitors made a poor showing, even for them! They usually seem pretty organized, but this time they were 2-3 hours late, and then came in small, very lonely groups down the street. Only eventually did a “large” group of a few hundred people calling for communism, violent revolution, and dead troops come out, but they were met by thousands of vets who came from all over the country waving flags.

    Though 99% of the protesters did not want to listen, I hopefully managed to plant the seeds of reason in a few (AND a Mainstream reporter!) by referring them to gates of vienna and so they could do some real research.

    Hope you can make it to the next rally!

  2. Thunder Pig said

    They operate on HST (hippy Standard Time!!!)

    I appreciate you going in the stead of millions who couldn’t go…if you could see into the spirit world, you would have seen millions of us who there in spirit…wishing we had a REAL conservative network to cover stuff like this!

  3. Gordon Smith said

    Now I’m the enemy?

    You probably ought to come shoot me then Thunder Pig. If you believe that I’m a traitor and your enemy, then you’re a coward if you don’t come kill me.


  4. Thunder Pig said

    I am also practicing my right to free speech. The right to call those people traitors, and tell you why they are traitors.
    In a way, you are an enemy. A political enemy who’s world view I oppose, and wil use every tool at my disposal to prevent that world view from becoming the majority in this country, the last best hope of mankind.

  5. Gordon Smith said

    Every tool? You’re very well armed aren’t you? If you loved your country, you’d put a bullet between my liberal eyes.

    If by “free speech” you mean using words like “traitor” and “enemy” to describe people like me, understand that words have meaning. You are calling me a traitor and an enemy of America. I am a patriot who believes differently than you, but I don’t doubt your love of country.

    What I doubt is your honesty, courage, and wisdom.

    By the way, you’ve been nominated for Blogger I’d Most Like To See Naked at BlogAsheville.

  6. Thunder Pig said

    When I say tool, I do not mean weapons are the first thing, they are the weapon of last resort, and should only be retrieved form storage in extremis.
    MY philosophic arsenal, however, is vast, with game plans and logistics for every occasion, including identifying argumentum ad hominem and red herring attacks.
    You are an avowed Lefty. You are for socialized health care (a one payor system) that would destroy the very essence of our nation. You believe in taking from the rich to give to the poor, which is robbery whether you do it, or the government does it by taxation.

    These things will destroy the America as set forth in the Constitution.
    Should every traitor be hanged? NO.
    THe very philosophy of the leftists should be hanged in the court of public opinion such that it won’t rise again for a generation of more, and I have a few ideas on how that can be achieved.

    As for me naked…talk about a stampede for the exits!!! People could be trampled to death.

  7. Gordon Smith said

    So when you call me “enemy” or “traitor”, I should assume that you are using the words incorrectly? I should assume that you simply mean that my ideas will, in your estimation, destroy America?

    I’d rather have you use better English, of course, but if you’re going to try to incite hatred with hyperbole, that’s certainly your right.

    Health Care has certainly destroyed every other inustrialized ation in the world, hasn’t it? And those durn taxes on the top .25% of the people in this country will be the end of us!

    You’re being silly and over the top. Here’s hoping that no one takes your message of fear and hatred seriously.

  8. Thunder Pig said

    Yes, I firmly believe the bulk of your ideas, if implemented would destroy America.

    On most issues, you are a political enemy. We are not shooting at each other with firearms, but we are engaged in combat, and working publicly and privately to enlist others in our efforts.

    Socialized Healthcare has certainly failed in Canada…just look at the clinics bordering Canada in the US. Most of the patients are coming from Canada to seek care in America because the waiting lists are so long up there.
    An MRI can take weeks to schedule, and they can call the US and get a next day visit.
    Yes, the people who make the most, should not be taxed at a rate higher than the rest of us…this is lunacy.
    The top 5% of wage earners already pay over 50% of the Income Tax collected by the IRS…what more could you want? And the bottom 50% of wage earners only pay in the neighborhood of 4% of Income Taxes collected by the IRS.

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