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Rally Recap: The Enemy Among Us

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 17, 2007

My internet connection crapped out over the weekend, so I couldn’t follow the rallies like I wanted to, and here is the guide to coverage of them.

Gateway Pundit has a few links, and an interesting bit of reporting on Cindy Sheehag:

Cindy Sheehan in true Leftist fashion called for mass resistance against the government yesterday since the “peaceful” tactics were not working so well.

Cindy can go ahead and call for “mass resistance”, or even “mass protests” because they will fall on deaf ears. The people of America support our troops, and support the war effort because they have not turned out into the streets in protest—except for the weirdos who already hate America anyway, like the Communist A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition.

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