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Eagles v Traitors in DC

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 15, 2007

This is the weekend culmination of the Surge in September, with Gathering of Eagles III: Operation Eagle Justice.

The Eagles are back in DC to protect our National Monuments from vandalizing traitors, and Michelle Malkin has been liveblogging the event.

Update 5:00pm Eastern. Well, they came, they spewed, they cursed. Several thousand Soros marchers descended on the Capitol yelling “Fuck Bush” and “Fuck you” at Gold Star Families. As Capitol Hill police arrested the “die-in” participants, young peaceniks shouted “What does a pig look like? The Capitol police” and “Oink! Oink! Oink.” Others shrieked about “Fascism!” and gleefully performed “Sieg Heil” salutes. We’ll have video from the midst of the moonbats. Across from Taft Park, some anti-American demonstrators waving a large, upside-down American flag and pulling a coffin with Army boots got in a scuffle with Eagles. We’ll have that video of that as well.

Read the whole thing.

CBS Coverage

And, always on top of the Counter-Protests, Free Republic has a thread.

And, one thing to remember is that safety is of paramount concern when dealing with moonbats:

This was released before the March Gathering of Eagles, and it bears repeating!

4 Responses to “Eagles v Traitors in DC”

  1. Gordon Smith said

    Only in your private universe can public displays of dissent amount to treason. Calling protestors traitors is wrong, TP. You of all people ought to recognize the principles for which this nation stands, and freedom to assemble/freedom of speech are two of those paramount principles.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    These people are as traitorous as i8f they had protested our involvement in World War II during that war.
    The attitudes expressed by the traitorous protesters, cursing the President, cursing Gold Star Families, cursing the police reveal the vile bile that is in their black hearts.
    The vandalism of the Viet Nam Wall by their allies and fellow travelers shows no respect for our soldiers, living or dead.

    Stay tuned as I will post video from “The Gauntlet” tomorrow, where the anti-Americans were forced to pass between two lines of patriots on their “March of the Traitors”.
    I also have slide show I am attempting to set to appropriate music.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I also thought I’d show you an example of lefties calling Treason.
    They are as guilty of treason as I would be if the US government ever moved against Israel, or moved to seriously start taking away our weapons, only more so, because I know how to fight a guerrilla action, thanks to some quality time with Contra Rebels in Honduras and Nicaragua.

  4. songdongnigh said

    Gentlemen, I was at the Gathering and from my perspective, the moonbat hippies are about as low as it is posible to be and still suck air. Treasonous? Some misguided fools are just useful idiots and don’t know any better. But there is a hard core of WILLING subversives who knowingly and with malice aforethought are traitors in every sense of the word. Same same as the fools who were tools of the North Vietnamese during the 60’s. Now they’re tools of the Jihad.

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