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Belgians Arrest Anti-Jihadi Protesters

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 11, 2007

Protesters sought to use the Sept. 11 anniversary to point out that Islam threatens democracy and the rule of law in Europe.The demonstration was initially planned by Stop Islamization of Europe, a loose alliance with roots in Germany, Britain and Denmark, which had predicted that 20,000 people would come to Brussels from all over Europe.Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans banned the protest last month, calling SIOE an inflammatory group and its proposed
demonstration a threat to public order. An appeals court upheld the ban Aug. 29.

Only 200 or so protesters showed up Tuesday for a protest lasting only 30 minutes. The demonstrators faced more than 100 police, backed up by water cannons and helicopters, who closed off streets around the EU headquarters.

Read more at the Gates of Vienna

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September 11, 2001

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 11, 2007

This is the sixth anniversary of a day I shall never forget.

I would suggest that you begin with this CNN Chronology of events.

**Update** Better Time line is at Free Republic.

List of all Victims

Fox News has more videos here, including Presidential and Mayoral footage.

Twin Towers Memorial Site. Watch for the Troofer stuff. (Thanks John W.)

And, if you have a fast internet connection, the Television Archive has links to streaming video of event coverage as it happened.

I will present bits and pieces of the events as they happened:

8.46am: First Impact caught on amateur video .

9.03am Second Plane Impacts.

9.37am Pentagon hit by Flight 77.

10.03am Flight 93 is brought down short of it’s intended target by passengers and crew struggling with the terrorist hijackers.

Home Video hosted on Google of the Collapse of both buildings. Nearly 30 minutes in duration.

11.59am CNN runs video of Paleostinkians celebrating in the streets:

1.04pm Barksdale ,Louisiana Remarks by President Bush.

Passenger Manifest differences are addressed most eloquently here.

Where ever you are today, take moment to remember the fallen that day, and remember our soldiers who have fallen in a successful attempt (so far) to keep the terrorists focused away from us. Pray the Democrats, and their traitorous allies, fail to cause us to lose the will to fight this war.

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Patriot’s Day 2007

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 11, 2007

This is Phyllis Fox of the Sylva, NC Lions Club planting flags on Main Street in Sylva in honor of Patriot’s Day 2007.

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Why The Left Must Deny September 11, 2001

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 11, 2007

In the endless Summer of Love there is no 9/11. And to tens of millions of dreamy folk on the Left, the Summer of Love never stopped. For those people there is no dangerous Ahmadi-Nejad in Tehran, threatening a fiery new holocaust for Tel Aviv and Washington, DC. There is no nuclear proliferation by mad little mass-murdering Kim Jong Il. There is no Osama Bin Laden stirring up terror cells around the world — just a poor, confused man somewhere in the mysterious, deeply spiritual East, whom we have offended in some terrible way.

For the Dreamy Left there is no history, and no fundamental human conflict. There was no Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor half a century ago — except as a terrible misunderstanding, because our parents and grandparents were just so ignorant and racist in that benighted time. There was never a Cold War, there is no necessary war ever, there is no human value worth fighting for. We have transcended all that by our saintly morality and good will. History was mostly a big misunderstanding. Reality is only an agreement. Peace and Love are forever and ever, and nobody has to do anything to make it so, except to wish for it hard enough. If everybody wants it, it will be so.

Source: The American Thinker

Hat Tip: The Freedom Fighter’s Journal

As long as I have breath, I will remember that day, and tell others about that day. I will pull out audio, video, and written accounts of that day and show my nephews, nieces, children, and grandchildren.

We must never forget.

Or else, we will end up like these idiots in (where else) AshevilleSan Fransisco:

The anti-American War Protesters all gathered in San Fransisco, and the crowd included 9/11 Truthers, International ANSWER, Communists, Idiot Ron Paul Supporters, the Revolutionary Workers Group, Vegans, Cannibis Action Network, Wonder Woman and Spiderman.

Don’t believe me? Check out Zombietime’s Photo Essay, from whom I swiped the headlining photo for this post.

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Anti-American War Protesters Deface Viet Nam Memorial

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 11, 2007

It should be no secret to regular readers that I am diametrically opposed to the America Haters, whether they be jihadis, or juveniles.

Yesterday, I received an email about an act of vandalism at the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, DC. My first thoughts were of the families of those remembered by the wall, and of their buddies who still lived, and visited the Wall. This attack was on them as well as America herself.

Not content with defacing flags, these people are like psychic vampires, feeding off the anguish of others to fill their empty souls from the abundance of people who are the salt of the earth.

These vandals are always angry, never happy, unless they can have an ersatz happiness from the act of tearing down what others have built, if only symbolically. This is a form of Mental Marxism, where the vandals attempt to “redistribute the wealth of honor” earned the fallen to those who have no honor, and have no idea of how honor is earned.

You can read more about the vandalism at Redstate, where they link to other accounts, and photos of the physical handiwork of an act I believe meant to satisfy the non-physical needs of the perpetrators.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks on America, and these people, and their fellow travelers still do not get it. See Zombie’s Photo Essay on a gathering of these types.

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