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Guest Commentary from Frank Salvato: A Single Reason for US Intervention in Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 7, 2007

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A Single Reason for US Intervention in Iraq
USA Frank Salvato, Managing Editor
September 7, 2007

“It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead.”
– Thomas Jefferson

As progress continues to be made in every aspect of the Iraqi conflict – militarily, socially and politically – the debate among the ideologically entrenched here in the United States rages on. This is in large part due to the positioning of candidates from all political parties in preparation for the 2008 elections. There is an intense desire to look both peace-loving and hawkish on the issue of the Iraqi front in the overall war against Islamofascist aggression. This is not an easy task when they are simultaneously declaring their support for the soldiers in the field and questioning the value of the mission and how well it is being executed. Meet the two-faces of the political panderer. Not very attractive, are they?

While factions of our society debate the pros and cons of US military intervention in Iraq the facts presented for the initiation of efforts there have always stood clearly defined. They were laid out in no uncertain terms, and in order of priority, by President Bush before the United Nations General Assembly on September 12, 2002:

▪ Violation of UN Security Council Resolution 688: Human rights violations and the torture, rape and murder of political opponents and ordinary citizens, including the genocide of the Iraqi Kurds.

▪ Violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 686 and 687: The refusal to release prisoners of war captured during the Gulf War.

▪ Violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 687 and 1373: The refusal to disassociate with terrorist organizations and the facilitation of terrorist entities within and traveling across Iraq borders.

▪ Violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 660, 661, 678, 686, 687, 688, 707, 715, 986 and 1284: Refusal to cease development programs for weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles, and refusal to allow UN inspectors uninhibited access to any and all weapons development programs.

In summary: genocide, refusal to return prisoners of war, enabling of terrorists and their organizations, refusal to cease WMD development programs and refusal to allow verification of said cessation.

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My Commentary

The anti-war movement has become as insane, and completely devoid of reason, as the 9/11 Truther Movement. I believe the root cause of these phenomena is spiritual in nature.

2 Responses to “Guest Commentary from Frank Salvato: A Single Reason for US Intervention in Iraq”

  1. falcon_01 said

    I think you hit the nail on the head. It all boils down to spiritual warfare. The islamists represent evil… and the left, even the left who doesn’t believe (because it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in something to make it real), blindly supports them over their own countrymen.

    Religion aside, they ignore all facts, logic, and reason with such fervor that they wind up more religious (albeit not in a good way) than anything else!

    It will be a shame to watch this country continue to spiral out of control and gleefully submit/bring tyranny against its own citizens… of course those of us who disagree probably won’t be allowed to be around very long.

  2. Gordon Smith said

    From summer ‘06 to summer ‘07:

    Iraqi Military and Police Killed – Up 23%
    Multiple Fatality Bombings – Down 25%
    # Killed in Mult. Fatality Bombings – Up 19%
    U.S. Troop Fatalities – Up 80%
    U.S. Troops Wounded – Up 45%
    Size of Insurgency – Up approx. 250%
    Attacks on Oil and Gas Pipelines – Up 75%

    Diesel Fuel Available – Down 22%
    Kerosene Available – Down 11%
    Gasoline Available – Down 24%
    Electricity Generated – Down 4%
    Hours Electricity Per Day – Down approx. 14%

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