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Palestinian Terrorists Rocket Lands Near School in Israel

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 3, 2007

I have been reading about the terrorist rocket attacks on Sderot for some time on blogs, with very little mention in the Legacy Media, and wire reports giving up little in the way of information.
Today, someone has released a video of a palestinian terrorist rocket landing near a school in Sderot, Israel:

**UPDATED INFO** Muqata was the source of the video, and stands at the gateway into the JBlogosphere.

SDEROT, Israel, Sept. 2 (UPI) — Summer break for Israeli students came to an end Sunday, one day after a Qassam rocket landed near a school in the city of Sderot.

The Saturday evening rocket was followed by two Qassam rockets that landed in open fields Sunday morning outside the city, Ynetnews reported Sunday.

Despite the rocket attacks, some parents expressed confidence in the safety of their children while at school.

“There is no doubt that the school is more fortified than our house,” said Avivit Dahan, mother of a first-grade girl.

Officials said the rocket attacks are a part of daily life in the city.

Source: United Press International

GAZA: Israeli aircraft struck a rocket- launching cell in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing two militants from the Palestinians’ Hamas party, after Hamas activists fired a barrage of rockets at southern Israel and threatened to turn one city into “a ghost town.”

Source: International Herald-Tribune from June of 2006.

Note the Palestinian Terrorists are called “activists”. Would I be called an activist if I launched rockets at anybody? This is part of what the Legacy Media-types do, they call terrorists activists, or militants, or insurgents…giving them a moral equivalency they could never earn on their own in a thousand years!

Background: from Gateway Pundit:

Gaza Qassam Rockets Pile Up in Sderot- Israel (Photos)

Sderot, Israel Blasted By Gaza Rocket Attacks

Bloggers Catch Video of Qassam Rockets Fired on Israel

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Killing fields then and now

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 3, 2007

There are almost as many holocaust deniers as there are holocausts…take the Killing Fields: (this one is for you Mr. Coburn, and most especially for Chaye and his family, who narrowly escaped being murdered while fleeing Viet Nam)

This past March the Times (London) gave away a DVD of “The Killing Fields” to readers. It called on William Shawcross to comment on the film and published his column “Remember: For Cambodia, read Iraq.” Shawcross referred to his own experience researching the events depicted in the film:

At the end of 1975 I went to the Thai-Cambodian border to talk to refugees. Their horrific stories of people with glasses being killed as “intellectuals” and of “bourgeois” babies being beaten to death against trees were being dismissed as CIA propaganda by the antiAmerican Western Left, but it seemed obvious to me that they were true. I wanted to discover how the Khmer Rouge had grown and come to power; I wrote a book called Sideshow, which was very critical of the way in which the United States had brought war to Cambodia while trying to extricate itself from Vietnam.

But horror had engulfed all of Indo-China as a result of the US defeat in 1975. In Vietnam and Laos there was no vast mass murder but the communists created cruel gulags and, from Vietnam in particular, millions of people fled, mostly by boat and mostly to the US. Given the catastrophe of the communist victories, I have always thought that those like myself who were opposed to the American efforts in Indochina should be very humble.

Read more at the Powerline Blog

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