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More Media Lies About Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 26, 2007

Have you ever wondered why so many people are against the war in Iraq, even though it is one of the most successful military campaigns of all time?

Because our “News” Media are (or have been) dead set against it, and have spread lies about our progress, told stories about atrocities that did not exist, and have misrepresented death statistics.

This has happened because most journalists are lefties, and do not care one whit about reporting the truth when they are out to change society.

The latest Media Lie Exposed:

AP Upchuck…
Rather than report honestly about results on the ground in Iraq since the surge began earlier this year, the AP plays with numbers to paint a bleak picture.

The Associated Press leads off today with the headline:

“Iraq body count running at double pace”

The media is again leading the charge to make sure that America loses this war to the militant Islamic killers in Iraq (and later in Afghanistan, no doubt). It used to be that losing a war meant that you were losing more soldiers or assets than your enemy. That certainly isn’t the case anymore as you can see from the chart below:

Source: Gateway Pundit

Related: Hillbilly White Trash has some good news from Iraq.


When the histories of this era are written, this type of misreporting of events will be considered among the most shameful deeds during this ideological Civil War in America, and thanks to the internet, and those who archive its content, our descendants will know exactly who were the bad guys, and the depth of their depravity.

4 Responses to “More Media Lies About Iraq”

  1. Gordon Smith said


    Are you serious? This is taking your paranoia to a whole new level.

    If you’re averse to the facts on the ground, which demonstrate a significant lack of progress, then just own up to the Bush worship and be done with it.

    Going around accusing people of being traitors is simply wrong. Why are you trying to divide us into war-lovers and traitors?

  2. Lemuel Calhoon said


    I had no idea that Hillary Clinton was a “Bush worshiper”. She must be since even she admits that the new stratity in Iraq is working, at least from the military standpoint.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I regularly publish reports on the success of the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan) on West Carolina Report, along with the set-backs. I did not feel the need to repeat myself over here, but I guess I’ll have to change that approach with a weekly wrap-up of events in Iraq.
    You can read the latest Iraq Report here, and an embed report here, and another report here.
    Despite the Democrats best efforts, including Shuler, we’ve crested the hill on COIN (COunter-INsurgency operations. The only hope for the terrorists is the Democrat Party. Next Stop, Iran!

    Gordon doesn’t seem to follow links and read them, and certainly doesn’t read the milblogs, or the Iraqi blogs.
    Hillary may be many things, but she is at least smart enough to know when to switch horses.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    Silly me, West Carolina Report.

    Sometimes I forget to put the links in when I’m posting, or proof-read. D’oh!

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