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VIDEO: Democratic Socialism

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 23, 2007

Guest Lecture: JHBowden

This guy nails it! I like the comment also in the last 5 seconds about libertarians…now I see!

3 Responses to “VIDEO: Democratic Socialism”

  1. Hamilton said

    The actual ‘real world’ outcome of Libertarian philosophy is maintaining the status quo.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    None of the libertarians, nor Libertarians I know fit that idea!

    Most of them seem to be involved in constructing a disastrous Utopian society based on Objectivism.

    They seem to deny basic obligations to society, while claiming rights owed to them. This is a dichotomy that they fail to recognize…like the Kuhns and Jonas Phillips here locally.
    Both make a claim on society, yet deny responsibility in a very juvenile way.
    Mr. Kuhn’s denial of providing identification to a law enforcement officer is inconceivably stupid, and Jonas Phillips, the “highway (nuisance) blogger” was blocking the sidewalk, a public pathway.

    I guess you’ve never really read about Objectivism and the goals of libertarians like Ron Paul…their agenda is a very radical one indeed.

    I wish more libertarians had the idea of maintaining the status quo…

  3. Gordon Smith said

    blocking the sidewalk?

    He was standing on the sidewalk. I have yet to hear of the sidewalk traffic that was backed up due to his presence there. If he’d been holding a “Blame Clinton” sign, nothing would have happened.

    According to the standard you apply to Jonas, the next time you stop on a sidewalk, you’re a lawbreaker

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