Thunderpig’s Mirror

Tips for Surviving a Blogspot Crash

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 22, 2007

This morning, BlogSpot went down again!

My last post was in limbo, although I was lucky enough to have a recent copy in my clipboard as I tweaked the HTML. That was fine and dandy, but my news site still needed to be updated, and most of the local bloggers around here are hosted on blogger.

I went to Google Groups for Blogger help, and found the problem was at Blogger, so I tested out using the Google Cache, and that worked well, I could see my blog, and even follow links to other blogspot blogs in the cache, and still update my news site…my only problem is that I’ll have to go back, and change all those links to the live site instead of the cache!

One odd thing…I could still post comments from the cache. They did not appear on the cached site, but when it came up, my comments were as well.

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