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Are You A Global Warming Traitor?

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 17, 2007

At the Live Earth concert in New Jersey last month, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denounced climate-change skeptics as “corporate toadies” for “villainous” enemies of America and the human race. “This is treason,” he shouted, “and we need to start treating them now as traitors.”

Some environmentalists and commentators have suggested that global-warming “denial” be made a crime, much as Holocaust denial is in some countries. Others have proposed that climate-change dissidents be prosecuted in Nuremberg-style trials. The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen has suggested that television meteorologists
be stripped of their American Meteorological Society certification if they dare to question predictions of catastrophic global warming.

Read the rest at Al Fin.


So much for building consensus! Progressives and Watermelon Environmentalists seem to share the need to sanction, imprison, exile, or kill their opponents with their cousins the Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and other totalitarian political philosophies.

2 Responses to “Are You A Global Warming Traitor?”


    Your article on global warming is quite impressed. But you gave me more information about effect of green house projects. I had found a site which give regulary updates on global warming. This blog give have some great points like “The real heat will start after 2009, they said.”

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Don’t sell your winter coats just yet, the cooling is supposed to be starting by then…

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