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A Warning to Property Owners Regarding New Stormwater Ordinance

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 9, 2007

by Jerry Sternberg

published August 9, 2007 12:15 am

Attention, property owners — this is an alert. If you own property in the city of Ashe-ville or the one-mile extra- territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) adjacent to a river, stream, lake or have a creek as small as a garden hose running through your land, your property rights are in serious jeopardy.

Your City Council is preparing to pass an ordinance it calls the “Storm and Water Erosion Control Ordinance Revision,” with the stealth and secrecy that would make the CIA proud. This ordinance could render much of your land or house lot unusable and you have not been informed.

While council is big on citizen input, it has really kept this under the radar, as members know that if citizens understand what this will do to their property they will be at City Hall by the thousands screaming for redress.

The purpose of this act is to address storm water runoff and improve water quality in our rivers and streams, which is certainly desirable.

This is for the common good, but it penalizes only property owners who are affected — without compensation.

What it means

The ordinance mandates an undisturbed buffer of 50 feet on either side of any lake or running water.

This could mean that if you had a house and you wanted to add a porch, additional room, storage shed or even pave your driveway and it required construction of any kind in this restricted area, you would be prohibited from doing so.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times
Hat Tip: PO and KR


The ordinance mandates an undisturbed buffer of 50 feet on either side of any lake or running water.

I think that statement tells the story. Remeber when the state tried to stuff legislation down our throats that would have had a 100 foot buffer?

Land Confiscation is what it amounts to.

Folks, its the same song, second verse, this time sung by loacl greenie weenies because the state greenie weenies couldn’t get it done.

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Public Access Database for Tracking Events

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 9, 2007

Read the following:

On the other hand, what if it wasn’t a coincidence? If a group of people wanted to cause havoc and destruction, and to have a good chance of getting away with it, what might they do? We’ve all been led to expect an apocalyptic attack one or more major cities, which would make the national news and launch an immediate manhunt. But what if they were to sabotage and burn dozens, or hundreds, of vehicles in rural areas instead? How would anybody connect the dots?

Since then, I’ve been searching for any mention of these fires in the local news, to no avail. As of this writing, I’ve yet to find any news story that I can associate with the date and location of these particular fires. That’s frustrating, but it tells me that we can’t rely on the mainstream media, or official sources, to recognize these dots, much less connect them!

This is where citizen journalism comes in, which means you and me. Use whatever tools are available to do the job. If you don’t have a video camera or a camera phone, at least get a phone with web browsing and text messaging capability, so that you can transmit the details of what you encountered.

How would a database or wiki help? The task of “connecting the dots” would be much easier if we had a database or wiki that everyone could use for reporting unusual events and local-scale disasters, and that everyone could search to find patterns and causes of events. In order to be useful, this would have to be a large-scale project that takes in and organizes detailed data from all over the U.S. It would take plenty of resources to start up such a database or wiki on a server that could handle the traffic, to launch and promote the project, and to sign up enough participants to give the project a good start. This is not a one-person job; clearly, it would take more funds and more time than I presently have at my disposal. Nonetheless, this is my proposal for the future, and if enough other people are interested, we could get it done!

Source: 1389 Blog Read the whole thing for context.

Hat Tip: Hillbilly White Trash

I think this sounds like a good idea, and will be pursuing options for the local area…perhaps by setting up (yet another) blog just to track these events, and make it a group blog so others could join in…using technorati tags to ease searching.

I already have cameras that do both video and still, a flash drive that reads my SD Cards, and two portable hard drives I always have with me.

Another thing to have in mind is to establish photo and video sharing accounts so that others might glean useful information from them (such as the same people showing up again and again, perhaps states away!)
It would also seem pertinent to see if the local fire or rescue dept posted pix or reports of their activities online and trying to tie data together from citizen journalists and public safety.
I think this thing could evolve into a high-tech “Neighborhood Watch,” where the stakes are much higher.

If anyone is interested in helping out, or have suggestions, let me know in the comments, or here.

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Blog Talk Radio—The Gathering Storm This Week

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 9, 2007

One of my favorite Blog Talk Radio Shows, The Gathering Storm Radio Show, will have a couple of interesting guests today at 3pm Eastern Time.

Christine of the Center for Vigilant Freedom’s 910 Blog will be on at 15 past the hour, and Vito Vaccaro at the bottom.

You can listen by clicking here, and download the show archives for the past few weeks as well.

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Tom Cryer v IRS

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 9, 2007

**Important Update posted at bottom…scroll down to see.**

I first heard about Tom Cryer earlier this week when a caller to the Quinn & Rose Show mentioned it to the substitute host.

Then, this morning, Mike (penzac?) interviewed the guy for an hour. After all the commercials and traffic reports and bumper music have been edited out…it runs a little over 25 minutes. Oh, and I missed recording the first few minutes of the interview while trying to get to a computer.

He has a website called Lie Free Zone, and referenced another called Truth Attack.

And here is a Newsbusters article on the guy:

Well boys and girls, for those of you who would like to challenge that we have to pay an income tax, Lawyer Tom Cryer was just acquitted on 2 counts of tax fraud, and one being not paying his income tax.

Quite simply, he proved that the definition of Income as defined by the supreme court is NOT income from our labor, but rather things like interest and profit. You CANNOT tax a persons labor because it is a God given right that we may work to support ourselves.

Other places the case is discussed:

Free Republic

World Net Daily

SCOTUS has yet to post the info.

The guy is also on You Tube discussing his batle with the IRS over Income Taxes.

Segment One

Segment Two

Segment Three

Segment Four

Update– I also posted some of this info in a forum, and was directed to Quatloos, “ a public educational website covering a wide variety of financial scams and frauds, including wacky “prime bank” frauds, exotic foreign currency scams, offshore investment frauds, tax scams, “Pure Trust” structures and more…

I guess I got suckered in by this…Cryer case.

A Big Tip of the Hat goes to RR.

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