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Phoenix on Path to Mars

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 5, 2007

Being a Space Buff from my childhood, I couldn’t help but pass this along:

The Phoenix spacecraft has separated from the Delta II rocket and ground controllers at NASA’s Deep Space Network have acquired its signal and begun assessing its health. The solar panels that will power the mission’s cruise phase will be deployed and Phoenix will be pointed to best receive solar power and communicate with Earth.

The spacecraft has oriented itself to the sun as it was programmed to do. It will use solar panels to generate electricity during the nine-month coast to Mars. A separate set of solar arrays is attached to the lander itself.

The Phoenix Mars lander’s assignment is to dig through the Martian soil and ice in the arctic region and use its onboard scientific instruments to analyze the samples it retrieves.

Source: NASA Phoenix Mars Mission

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Whack-a-Mole at Daily Kos: Shades of 1984

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 5, 2007

The Little Green Footballs have caught the Kos Kids at it again, complete with screen shots of the offending material before it gets deleted. Some stories just won’t go away, will they?

Go take a look.

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