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Ron Paul Registers A Zero In Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2007


Giuliani has the support of 30% of “Republicans and Republican leaners,” vs. 28% a month ago; Thompson comes in with 20%, vs. 19% in June; McCain has 16%, vs. 18% a month earlier.
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney remains in fourth, at 9% vs. 7% in June.
The current numbers for the rest of the Republicans included in the survey: Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, 6%; former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, 2%; Rep. Duncan Hunter, 2%; Rep. Tom Tancredo, 2%; Sen. Sam Brownback, 1%; Sen. Chuck Hagel, 1%; former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, 1%. Neither former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore nor Rep. Ron Paul registered any support.
None of the Republican numbers change significantly if Gingrich is removed from the poll.
The survey of 394 Republicans and voters who “lean” Republican has a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points.

Source: USA/Gallup
Hat Tip: Barking Moonbat Early Warning System

Need I say any more? Except that I don’t like Ron Paul, and was tickled to see the numbers.
“Ron Paul, I am laughing at your superior intellect.”

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Video Debate: Hindu Prayer Before US Senate

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2007

Here are a few videos on this controversy:

The Event

Harry Reid Responds

For one of thousands of examples of violent Hindus, click here,or watch this video.

An Atheist Chimes in, cannot stay on Topic or resist attacking Christianity.

A Christian Responds

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This Too Will Fail (The Surrender Caucus)

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2007

This latest ridiculous attempt to surrender will fail, and cannot override a President Veto. This Resolution has less support than the previous effort. All it will accomplish is the identification of moderate Democrats and Republicans who may be eligible for defeat in 2008.

A Taste of others covering the story in the Blogosphere:


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Michelle Malkin

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Update 6.11am: Jim Quinn’s analysis of the bill is that the language on withdrawal starts out strong on the 1st page, “Demand Immediate Withdrawal”, then weakens to “a reduction in forces” on page 3, then pages on…the language states the forces will be reduced to a minimum force required to provide security for the United States and the Iraqi Government. He says Speaker Pelosi knew the bill would fail from the get-go, and was meant as a crumb for the moonbat “base” of the Democrat Party.

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