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A Million March Against Terrorism—Democrats March With Terrorists

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 6, 2007

Okay, let’s see, a million people march in Columbia against the Lefty Terrorists in Columbia who have over 3,000 people kidnapped, and have killed tens of thousands more in their decades-long Narco-Terror Campaign. The democrats in Congress are delaying funding to help the people of Columbia combat them, I believe, because their buddy Chavez is supporting the terrorists.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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Democrats Knife Columbia

The Ways and Means Committee Waves its Knife in the air over the victim:

“With regard to the Colombia FTA, the House of Representatives recently passed the 2008 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill, which redirects U.S. foreign assistance in Colombia. All of us regard Colombia as a crucial ally in a region that deserves our active engagement, and the bill represents an effort to have U.S. funds help address the root of numerous problems there. There is widespread concern in Congress about the level of violence in Colombia, the impunity, the lack of investigations and prosecutions, and the role of the paramilitary. Issues of this nature cannot solely be resolved through language in a trade agreement.

“We believe there must first be concrete evidence of sustained results on the ground in Colombia, and Members of Congress will continue working with all interested parties to help achieve this end before consideration of any FTA. Consequently, we cannot support the Colombia FTA at this time.

Ask your Congress Critter about their role in the knifing.

Capitol Switchboard: 202-225-3121

See what happens when Democrats are in charge of Congress? Now, imagine if they had a Democrat President to work with in their support of terror abroad, and at home.

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